The Versatile Spring Trench.

With the warmer weather finally making an appearance I feel completely justified to talk about my bargain trench coat. Now, I was so lucky to find this trench in the Marks & Spencer outlet at Cheshire Oaks. I think I only paid £29 instead of the £49 it was originally.

There are some great trenches out there and you don’t have to pay a bucket load. My last trench was from Superdry, and although it was a really good, thick material, the buttons were terrible. It also didn’t wash very well at all, which gets a big no no from me. I paid over the odds for that, and I vowed to myself never again. Not never again buying a trench coat, because, hello! Wardrobe staple right there, but to always shop around when it comes to something like this.

No wardrobe is complete without one.

I mean, who wouldn’t want the Burberry trench coat of dreams? But on my wages?! Keep dreamin’ Jo.

Anyway, it’s a little on the thin side, so I will probably be wearing it mid/end of Spring. It is such good quality too, I have already washed it and it came out looking brand spanking new.

Layering is also an option just in case (more than likely) we have a cool Spring/Summer. What's so great about the trench coat is that you can dress it up or down. I have regularly styled mine with black leggings, converse and a grey hoody, you know, for those down days? But I have also done the high turtle neck, smart jeans and boot look, and I love them both.

In fact, any sort of knitwear would be perfect for this type of coat because of its low neckline. You can either keep it classic, or opt for that pop of colour peeking through, it is completely up to you! I also love coats with a bit of shape, and the fact that you can synch this one in at the waist with the relatively thick, fabric belt makes it extra perfect.

All in all I love my trench. What are your key pieces for Spring? Please hit me up in the comments, I am always looking for suggestions!

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