What I've Been Up To In February.

So, February has actually been pretty busy for me so far, but it’s never too late for a little update and to set myself some goals.

I looked after my little angel for a whole week, and loved every minute. She is such a little character now, and since she can now form short sentences it makes communication so much easier. However, ‘No’ is currently her favourite word which is most unhelpful. We went shopping, tried vegan sausage rolls (can’t recommend enough, although possibly a bit strong on the ol’ sage and onion seasoning), and chased ducks in the park. It didn’t half act as a stark reminder though that it’s such hard work. Add to that croup for her, and severe anaemia for me, meant it wiped me out solid.

My sleeping and health in general hasn’t been great this month, although, probably better than it has been previously. My doctor, of course blames the fact that I am a vegetarian for my iron deficiency, but really I think it’s because I bleed every time I go to the toilet, but eh! What do I know? It was the typical ‘you need a good steak down you’ answer. It’s not making them move any quicker though, is it? Anyway, I am going to make a more conscious effort to take my multivitamin and complete the tests they want.

Valentine’s Day was so special this year. I was spoilt rotten. Well, when it’s your first one together that’s usually the way right? It’s all downhill from here on! Jokes! My gorgeous boyfriend got me the most perfect personalised book about our cat, Knox, the biggest of cuddly teddy’s, a bunch of roses, and to top it all off; a heart shaped balloon. I asked him to Haribo jelly ring marry me of course. Well, can’t be letting this one go, can I? He said yes, of course!

More coming very soon on this...

I also entered into my mid 30’s crisis a bit before schedule and got my ear pierced, my daith to be exact. Technically I got it done on the 31st January but relatively late on, say 4:30 pm?! I will still count that as a February thing though. I got rid of a lot of my piercings before the start of my previous relationship and I have always regretted it. However, I went all out with the best jewellery and the best piercer in Liverpool IMO. If you are looking to get anything pierced; see this guy.

Next is my nose…

I have finally dipped my toe into looking for new employment. Well, working 4 days a week can’t last forever. As much as I would love for blogging to become a more permanent fixture, and something that can bring me a liveable income, it’s just not going to happen. I have my fingers and toes crossed something perfect will come up for me soon. In the meantime all I can do is look, even though that can sometimes become a full-time job in itself! I know you have probably heard this before but I literally don’t have enough hours in the day.

I have become absolutely obsessed with Impractical Jokers and self-help books.  I have actually booked two tickets to go see the Joker's on tour in October. I cannot wait. I desperately wanted to see them when they first toured in the UK but the tickets sold out too quickly for me.

We have also had some lovely days out at the Trafford Centre, Northwich, and just pottering around Liverpool city centre looking for Funko’s too. I potentially have only ‘3’ more to tick off my list and then I’m done.. so she says! You can check out my Pop collection in an upcoming blog post. Admittedly, I absolutely loved writing this one, like literally, my favourite blog post in a long while.

I have re-watched all of the Harry Potter films. Quite the feat right? I even watched the first 3 more than once, well, they are my favourite ones. I always feel like I need to be emotionally strong for the final 5, they are just so frightening, right?! Just me?

I actually think that’s it for this month, a couple of smaller things I would like to achieve is to be more active on Insta Stories. Honestly though, my life is just not that interesting, or Instagramable the majority of the time, but I’m going to try my best.

How has your February been?