A Spring Home Refresh.

I am literally living for the lighter mornings and evenings at the minute, so much so I thought that some bits around the flat needed a bit of a refresh.

Previously I had some cute hessian like textured coloured balls adorning the bedroom, but I have always loved ways of bringing the outside in, and what better way than festoon lighting. These are much more colour neutral than the ones I had before. They also just look a lot cleaner and brighter.

This print has been on my Lust List for forever and a day. I desperately wanted some new art for the bedroom, and more specifically my ladder shelves, so I went for it. I managed to find a discount code which helped greatly, and what's even better was that there was no tax. I went for the unframed option and picked the cheapest black frame I could find in Ikea. Voila!

This was an impulse purchase the minute I saw it on Kate La Vie's Instagram. I would give up my Funko's if it meant I could have a home like Kate's.. I guess I will just have to make do with this gold hand figure for now.

I have been wanting this pot for ages, but every time I have gone to purchase it, it has been sold out. I almost went for the stapler instead, but stopped myself and promised to wait until it came back in to stock... Fast forward a year and it was finally back in stock! I think I will probably use it for predominantly makeup brush storage, but I'm not entirely sure yet.

Let it be known that I am a terrible plant mama. They always seem to die on me, I even killed ivy once… don't ask because I couldn't tell ya. These are artificial string of pearls and I love them. They are cat, and baby friendly, and they are pretty good quality for what I paid for them. The pot I have put them in is old and from Sass & Belle. My only issue was that these didn't come potted, it was just wire, but it turned out for the best in the end.