Jogging Pants Are My 2019 Style Revelation.

I know, where have I been, right? I guess I didn't really understand their purpose, snooty, I know. I always thought they looked a bit scruffy (clearly I hadn't found the right pair) and a little bit abhorrent, almost like you had left the house in nothing more than pyjamas.

I think it is safe to assume that from the title of this blog post my mind has changed.

I think the main thing is to get the right fit. I like mine cuffed at the bottom, and quite close to my body. I am actually wearing Children's ones in these pictures. Well, if you can class 14-15 y/o as Children's. Honestly, I thought the length might be an issue, but since I wear them on my hips it's definitely not an issue!

And I'm 5'8!

I think it is also important to find a good quality fabric. Something soft, breathable, supportive and comfortable. It may mean paying a little bit of extra dollar, but it's definitely worth it in the long run. I am hoping these will last me, as I don't want to be forking out for a new pair anytime soon!

And finally, choosing a shade is such a minefield, right? I love this subdued and classy maroon/burgundy. In my opinion; blue, black, and grey are all a little bit too common? I love the warmth of a red shade, I think it looks less harsh, and you are also still unlimited to the amount of other colours you could wear with it. The pops of pink are just a bonus in this case, and I don't mind them too much because they are relatively small.

I am not for massive logos, stripes etc.

I feel like these type of trousers are a happy medium to when it comes to getting home from a long day in work and getting straight into pjs. These are a clothing item that is a little bit more socially acceptable at 4pm in the afternoon..

They are warm, comfortable, and also non constricting, which gets the ultimate thumbs up from me. I can see myself doing multiple activities in these; yoga, lounging, and running after a manic 2 year old.

Well, have I convinced you to invest in a pair? DO IT!