Mumma Morning Struggles.

AD| Is it just me or do your days off go by in like, a flash? I just don't know where the time goes, and I constantly feel like I haven't achieved enough. What is most annoying is; I never feel like I have slept enough either, Mother's Day included.

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When the alarm (and it's not Phoebe!) rudely wakes me up in the morning my internal monologue is going 'What?! You only went to sleep 3 hours ago!' But in reality, it was more like 8 hours ago! It's just the realities of mumma life I'm afraid.

No matter how much sleep I get, I always have the look of fatigue constantly etched under my eyes... and everywhere else for that matter. So, here are my tried and tested self-care tips for banishing those panda eyes and feeling a bit less zombie-fied this Mother's Day.

Have A Cuppa - And by all means drink it (for a healthier option; leave out the milk and opt for a slice of lemon instead), but instead of throwing the teabags away, strain as normal and pop them in the fridge. After 20 minutes, or when they are cold, stick them over closed lids, and believe me, it is so soothing. This is because the caffeine can help shrink blood vessels around your eye, thus reducing puffiness and dark circles. And as it's Mother's Day, having it brought to you in bed would be a massive bonus.

Hydration - Maybe it is a good time to mention, that tea and coffee are classed as diuretics, which means they can cause a person to 'lose water'. Caffeine is only a short-term solution to tiredness, so don't forget the importance of drinking good ol' water.

A Little Help From NIVEAIt feels like the older I get the thirstier my skin becomes. NIVEA's Hyluron Cellular Filler is actually a day cream but it is definitely rich enough to use at night. It absorbs super fast and has that signature NIVEA scent to it. I love wearing this under makeup, especially around my eye area where caking generally appears.

I sometimes prefer using a BB formula because often being a mum you don't have time for perfection. NIVEA's 3-1 Radiance BB Cushion is so much lighter, absorbs into your skin rather than sitting on top of it, and it just gives you a lovely healthy, radiant glow. It is easy to apply, and I love how it is all in one cute compact, it just makes touch ups so much more doable whilst you are on the go...

And mummies are always on the go.

I absolutely love multi-use products. and NIVEA's Poppy Red Lip Crayon is perfect for nourishing my lips, but also providing that much needed colourisation. When I am tired or rundown my lips tend to go quite thin and pale, honestly? I hate it. This crayon provides the perfect mummy pick me up, and with a slick of this you are good to go.

Eat - What girl needs an excuse for this?! Having three smallish meals and two snacks throughout the day can keep your blood sugar and energy levels stable all day long, therefore reducing tiredness. And no, snacks unfortunately to not include that bar of Dairy Milk you have stashed in the back of the cupboard. I usually have a banana handy, and as skeptical as I am of them, you can also take a multivitamin to boost iron, and vitamin B and C levels.

Fresh Air - Take yourself out for some fresh air. A brisk stroll might be all you need to clear those cobwebs and tire out the little one enough for a well timed afternoon snooze.

What are your favourite NIVEA products?