The Statement Bag Of Disney Dreams.

I love a good statement bag. Being honest, I haven't really had the lifestyle to accommodate a smaller,  cuter bag.  I am always on the go, I have a lot of stuff to carry with a toddler, but an exception had to be made.

I had my eye on this beauty for a while, it just took me a while to build up the courage to purchase it. After a bit of a ropey past relationship my confidence has been a bit low. I was always chastised for my love of Disney, so buying this bag was kind of like going against everything I have known for 6 years.

However, I did, and I love it. It is the perfect size for all the essentials which, admittedly I struggle with! By essentials I mean phone, makeup bag, small diary, etc. I love the fact it has an over the shoulder strap and a smaller strap to hold with just my hands.

I love the pop of colour and the detailing too. Although it's not leather the quality feels amazing. The bag itself is so sturdy and has the same feel to it as say, a Michael Kors.

The interior has a spotted lining, the perfect ode to Minnie and one inside pocket. This may be my only criticism, I am an absolute sucker for organisation, and an extra pocket, or two would have been ah-mazing.

I ordered this bag from TruffleShuffle and I cannot commend the service enough. I used a discount code and got free delivery and it was here in a matter of a couple of days.

This is the perfect addition to my now continuously growing Disney-drobe.