Why I Will Only Have One Child.

Controversial? Not particularly. According to the stats more and more people are opting for one child families. Gone are the days of 2.4 children, and a rise of blended families. So, hear me out.

Part of me does yoyo on this issue, only because I would love to share that bond of having a child with my current partner, but I also value the complete and utter devotion we can both give to Phoebe.

01. 'Just the one?' A phrase I have come to dread sometimes, almost as much as when people assume I'm married just because I have a child. I've just learnt how to smile breezily about it all rather than explain how this came about.

02. I've got a pretty thick skin and a steely determination if Phoebe starts asking for a brother or sister. Thankfully Phoebe has little interest in dolls and other babies, but I know it will come sooner or later!

03. I love being Phoebe's one and only best friend. I can't imagine ever splitting my time between two children, and to be honest? I don't want to!

04. I am loving all the milestones, although they go past far too fast. It's also nice knowing that when I have to play hide and seek for the umpteenth time, I'm only having to go through it the once!

It also means I only have to go through childbirth the once. There is a God!

05. I can also avoid the insanity of having to deal with years of sleep deprivation by not going through the one toddler and one baby years. Phew!

06. I will never have to deal with sibling rivalry, or breaking up fights. I never want Phoebe feeling like she has to compete with anyone else. After splitting up with my ex, Phoebe was at the forefront of my mind. Luckily, my current situation means Phoebe is our one and only child, which I think is so important.

07. One child is a lot more portable too. I won't have to invest in a people carrier (uncool!) or become a taxi service to my flock.

08. It goes without saying one child is also a lot cheaper. It doesn't mean I have to spoil her rotten, but it's not such a stretch when I do.. which is pretty much weekly anyway. Also, holidays are a hella' lot cheaper, although I will be sure to go on holidays where there are other families/children around so I'm not the sole entertainer/sandcastle builder. Hey! I need no excuse to book a Disney holiday..