A Spring Style Staple; The Midi Skirt.

I have always shied away from midi skirts, I dunno, I think I have always associated them with the older generation, also, I have always been a bit self conscious of my figure in them. I have quite a small top half which seems to suddenly balloon out when you get past my waist.

Attractive, no?

It's not the ideal shape for such a skirt though, is it? I guess I was wrong with this one though, I am officially a midi skirt convert. Admittedly, I was a bit skeptical when I first tried it on, but the best thing about having a loving and supportive boyfriend means he makes me feel good no matter what I choose to wear.

So far my experience with midi skirts are that they are comfortable, cover up a multitude of shaving and fake tanning sins, and also look pretty smart. I mean, you can dress it up or down with just a few minor changes; blouse or vest top, and sneakers or loafers.

They are also pretty cool in warmer weather, I love the swishy aspect, and I feel a bit more sophisticated whilst wearing a midi skirt compared to a denim mini skirt for example..

... lol.

I am no expert yet but here are a few things I look for when purchasing a midi skirt:

  • Elasticated waist | This is for ease when I want to tuck a multitude of different types of tops into it. I think if the waistline was more fitted it would make it harder to pair with a chunky knit for example. It also adds to the comfort factor. I can see some big roast dinners going down in this skirt.

  • Dark colours | I feel like this slims down my shape quite considerably. I don't think I am brave enough.. or stable enough whilst handling coffee to wear anything brighter/lighter.

  • Small patterns | I think if I went for a more outlandish and larger pattern it would just ruin the whole look entirely. The smaller the details, the more accessible it makes the skirt, and therefore easier to pair with other items for the not so fashion forward like myself.

  • A specific design feature | The skirt featured was purchased from the Next Clearance Sale and has quite a flattering slit up the side with relatively old fashioned pop buttons keeping the top together. I would also put ruffles, and maybe a tie waist feature under this umbrella too.

Do you like a midi skirt? Where is a good place to find more?

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