Brassiness is Nobody's Business.

Brassiness is the devil, let’s face it. I do everything I can to combat it too. My hair is naturally red pigmented, no matter what colour I dye my hair.

I can ask for the matte-est of black shades (don't worry, I'm not ever going to go there) and it will still come up red in some lights. So, to try and save myself some money in between hair appointments I thought I would give some of the at home toning shampoos again

Joico Colour Balance Blue Shampoo | This was to try and combat some of the red in my brown roots. I unfortunately didn’t notice a difference when I used this product. However, on the plus side, my hair seemed to get less oily in between washes? Silver linings and all that.

I did read in the reviews that it has turned people’s hairlines blue etc. But I never found that. However, my fingers and hands were a different story. Saying that, it faded and washed out within a day, so no harm done. It is pricey for something that didn’t really work too, but it’s the chance you gotta take. I did read the reviews before purchase and they were very mixed.

What can I say? My hair has been difficult my whole life.

A Touch of Silver Shampoo and Conditioner | This product has been on the market for as long as I can remember. Personally, I don’t think this works for me, although I think in combination with the below product, it seemed to work absolute wonders. I have even left this product on longer than the recommended time, not by much, and I still haven’t noticed that much of a difference.

On the plus side, I absolutely love the scent of this product and it is safe to use in the shower with minimal staining.

Tint Rinse in Balance | This has been my star product and quite reasonably priced too. It is actually a lot smaller than the other two products, so I am not sure how many washes this is going to last for. I have only used this a few times, but my mum already commented on how much lighter my hair looked. I also noticed it had taken a lot of the warmth out of the ends which is exactly what I wanted. I have only ever left it on for the recommended time, but I might be a bit of a rebel and go for a few seconds more...

It makes me curious to see what the brunette version is like. Possibly a future purchase for my roots if I continue the ombre trend.

This technically isn’t a shampoo and is more like an in between shampooing and conditioning treatment, which is why I think it works so well with the Touch of Silver Shampoo and conditioner. I love that it is so easy to apply (just give it a little shake) and it foams too, which I was really surprised about.

What are your top products for banishing the brass?