Life of a Funko Addict, Eh?

No 81. Harry Entering Platform 9 ¾
What can I say? It was written in the stars. It was honestly not that long ago that I was writing my first Funk Pop post, and now look at me! To say these cute little figures have become a bit of an obsession would be an understatement. Truthfully? I just love looking at them, they just make me happy!

No 81. Harry Entering Platform 9 ¾ | After saying I wasn’t going to get that many more Harry Potter Funko’s I, of course, changed my mind. I initially wanted the Hogwarts Express but thought that was too much of a commitment since it comes in 3 parts.

No. 62 Nearly Headless Nick
No. 62 Nearly Headless Nick | Nick was an impulse purchase but one of my favourite characters in the early films.

No. 66 Professor McGonagall as a Cat
No. 66 Professor McGonagall as a Cat | I spotted this one on sale in Tesco of all places. It was weird because I had just been looking at it online that morning! I am starting to feel like I have quite a few cat Funko’s now, but I am still very tempted to add Goose from Captain Marvel at some point.

Mrs. Norris
Mrs. Norris |  There is quite the story behind this one, Mrs. Norris nearly didn’t happen! She is part of the surprise gift boxes you can buy for about a fiver. I love the element of surprise but actually hate surprises themselves, does that make sense?! Anyway, I had been trying to guess by weight and ‘shake’ which one was Mrs. Norris and after 3 failed attempts (Fleur Delacour, Lucius Malfoy and NAME) I was about ready to give up! Until I held that one box, and I have honestly never felt surer, the only reason I hesitated was because I had already spent nearly £15 on ones I didn’t want, to spend another fiver on an uncertainty seemed a bit daft. But my hunch was right!

No. 63 Dobby
No. 63 Dobby | Who doesn’t love Dobby? I love the fact he is holding a sock too. I am really loving the bigger Pops at the minute, although I am not loving not enough space to store them!

No. 239 The Beast
No. 239 The Beast | He’s a hefty beast too if I do say so myself. This fella has to be the heaviest of all my Pop’s, even some of the 10-inch ones!

The Quidditch World Cup 3 Pack
The Quidditch World Cup 3 Pack | I was surprised with these ones after a particularly gruelling day in work, so these are extra special. They are exclusive to ECCC 2019.

No. 383 Baby Pegasus
No. 383 Baby Pegasus | Hercules has to be the most underrated Disney Classic, along with The Emporer’s New Groove IMO. He's not on my list but I just couldn't resist when I saw that he was relatively cheap on Amazon.

No. 484 Buddy the Elf
No. 484 Buddy the Elf | Of course.. Do I need to even justify this one? Elf is one of my favourite Christmas films. Hands down. I picked him up for £8 on Amazon which is amazing value, more than likely because he's technically out of season! I love the little syrup bottle he is holding too.

Christmas is an all year round thing for me though...

No. 73 Sirius Black as Dog
No. 73 Sirius Black as Dog | I picked this little guy up after what I thought was a particularly bad day.. Not receiving a work related email can do that to me! Turns out I was a little bit premature with my 'bad day', but I am still so happy to have bought him anyway!

I promise, no more of these posts until at least late Summer... Ok, Summer.