Phoebe is 2.

Phoebe is my world all in one. I can honestly say she is the ray of shining light that came out of one of the worst experiences of my life so far. Now that she is 2 I just wanted to do a small update on all her achievements, quirks and just general likes and dislikes right at this very moment.

She loves singing and dancing. She is proficient when it comes to Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes and I think I have listened to (and the done the actions to) Baby Shark over a million times.

That’s no exaggeration.

Julia Donaldson films is her television of choice; Room on the Broom is her favourite, although it is closely followed by The Highway Rat and Zog. She is not one for sitting through films yet, but I can’t wait until she is! My subscription for DisneyLife will really come into use then.

Dinosaurs are her favourite ‘animal’, closely followed by birds and cats.

She loves drawing, colouring, sticking and play doh, anything messy. She likes playing with figures (Disney, or otherwise) and loves cars, trains and especially diggers. It's frightening how adept she is at using her Kindle now, but in no way do I regret buying it her, it has got us out of some very hairy tantrums!

If you're a parent, you know, ya know?

Admittedly, she’s not really a ‘dolly’ kind of gal even though she has a pram. I am sure that will change when she gets older, like me, she loves her stuffed animals.

She still attends weekly swimming lessons and seeing her little face when she enters the pool is enough to melt your heart, she is always so excited and happy. She has conquered her Woggle fear, now we just need to work on swimming on our backs!

She is so smart too, honestly, you can pretty much have a conversation with her. She copies every single word you throw at her and is really clear too. She knows colours, shapes, body parts and is getting there with her numbers.

She has been known to play me and her dad off against each other. I know, right? So young! If she is not happy with what one of us is telling her she will cry out for the other... If you tell her it's bath time, she shouts 'hide' and then proceeds to hide.. badly!

She still has a ferocious appetite, has shot up in height, and will give pretty much anything a go. Eggs remain to be her favourite, but cheese is also high up on the list too. She has still to develop a taste for chocolate… which, as a chocoholic I find kind of mortifying.

She much prefers an apple or an orange!

Potty training is starting soon, and secretly I am kind of dreading but also looking forward to not having to purchase nappies ever again.

She is a dream child really, apart from when she decides she’s fed up walking and suddenly goes limp. The tantrum isn’t usually far behind at this point. She sleeps really well, but she still suffers croupy coughs, which I am told she will eventually grow out of, and a permanent runny nose..

Thanks nursery!