What I Want For Phoebe in the Future.

I don't think there is a harder, or scarier job than bringing up children. Like, literally the stress is unreal. I worry about everything; how she's getting on at nursery, what has she eaten today, did that bang on the head before do some serious damage... you know, that kind of stuff!

So I thought I would compile a little list for my future self to remind me what important things I want Phoebe to know.

I want her to know love.
One of the push factors for leaving my ex was that I was so aware that being in a bad relationship would eventually rub off on Phoebe. As much as we tried to hide the arguing from her she was always there, so it was mighty difficult. There would always be that lingering bad feeling too, which again, wasn't always the easiest to just move on from and get past.

I will always consider our split an eventuality. There was no way of fixing it, and staying together just for Phoebe would probably have been the worst thing I could have done. She's not really aware at the moment, she doesn't have ties to certain people, and she is far more adaptable now than she will be in say, 6 years time.

I want her to know affection.
Obviously this comes hand in hand with the point above. I want her to see adults loving each other, I want her to be comfortable giving kisses, cuddles, and showing her emotions when it comes to things like love. I want her to know it should be shown on a daily basis, and don't ever use refraining from it as a punishment.

I want her to never go to sleep on an argument, basically I just want her to be a nice person.

I don't want her to be the victim of bullying.
Who wouldn't want that for their child? This one is close to my heart as I was a particularly overweight child growing up, and although I had quite a tight knit group of supportive friends, it still bothered me no end. I'm worried she will inherit a blinkered train of thought, and that people are allowed to be different without being branded as 'weird'.

She will know what Disney magic is all about.
And that's a fact. Poo poo to all you non Disney believers out there. She has already been to Disneyland Paris and I will make it my goal to take her to Walt Disney World in 2021, right before she starts proper school.

I don't want her to be spoilt. 
It's hard to monitor this, and I sure am guilty of this myself. I worry that holidays are now becoming much more extravagant to what they used to be. Children expect so much more nowadays! I've heard horror stories about inflated tooth fairy pricing and all sorts. I know, I know, cost of living has gone up, yada yada yada, but still! £10 for a milk tooth? I don't think so!

Then there is Easter coming up. What happened to a good ol' fashioned egg? Granted, Phoebe hates chocolate, but gift bags, egg baskets etc. One word..


She needs to know the value of hard work.
This pretty much applies to EVERYTHING. Good things are never just handed to you on a silver platter. You need to do the work, put the graft in, and then that's when you might just be in with a shot of some good news. I honestly feel like I am constantly striving to do better; be a better mum, have a better blog, eat healthier, look better for outfit  photos, earn more money etc. I don't really care what she wants to be when she grows up, just for her to try her best at whatever it is she's doing, and never settle for less.

I think that's it.. not much then, eh? I was going to include little things like, I hope she is a coffee drinker, appreciates Harry Potter as much as I do, and eventually gets a taste for chocolate.. but I think all that is inevitable.