Why Are We Such A Big Generation of Snoopers?

The invention of the internet. Amazing, I mean, what would we do without it! Honestly, I would be lost! However, I do watch Pride and Prejudice (the one with Colin Firth obvs) with a kind of wistful ‘ignorance is bliss’ attitude. When all they had was horses and books, but also cholera…Ok, maybe I am glad to live in a world with modern medicine...

The internet manifests such crazy behaviour, and believe me, I’ve done that behaviour in the past only to feel at the recieving end of it right now!

In fact, I’ve been berated for it many times over; looking up ex’s, or someone else’s ex for that matter, someone who maybe at the unfortunate end of some juicy gossip. According to some, educated people don’t behave that way, (not my words! I promise!) but believe me, the ‘educated’ (if you want to be snooty) are the worst for it, like, they get into the nitty gritty, and probably even have a subscription to 192.

But we are all human after all, right? We are nosey by nature, I guess.

Although, I do believe it breeds a huge amount of insecurity having such large amounts of information at our fingertips. I think it takes a certain lack of trust and openness in a relationship to make you go looking in the first place, am I right?

In my previous relationships I have always felt that person was holding something back, and not telling the whole truth, and predominantly I was right.

Trust your gut.

I am now in a position where I feel like I don’t have to snoop, and it’s such a breath of fresh air. Like, why should I care what another stranger is doing? I actually don't think it's ok? Or healthy for that matter. I feel like people take it to extremes though. For example, you could be thousands of miles away on holiday and suddenly have the urge to see what your aunt’s cousin far removed ex is up to. It's odd, right?

Honestly, you have to ask yourself whether snooping makes you feel any better, and really, is there something better you can be doing with your time?


I know what you are going to say; 'Well, you put your life in the public sphere!' And yes, yes I do, but if you aren't here reading about my top 3 mascaras, or doting over photos of my gorgeous girly then what are you really doing here?

I guess I am slowly learning that if I react, it won’t change anything, it won’t make people suddenly love and respect me, it won’t magically change their minds. Knowing what my ex's ex had for lunch is hardly groundbreaking stuff.

Sometimes it’s better to just let things be, forget Facebook, let people go, don’t fight for closure, don’t ask for explanations, don’t chase answers, because Instagram won’t give them to you! And don’t expect people to know where you are coming from, besides, what I write on this blog is always a cathartic experience, and it is my truth, and that's exactly what it is; TRUTH. Whether that's a review or anything else.

I’m slowly learning that life is better lived when you don’t centre it on what’s happening around you and what’s happening inside you instead.

Before you check someone's social media, stop and ask, ‘Am I being kind to myself right now?’ You know the answer. If I am ever tempted I replace the urge with another behaviour that forces me to be present. The first few times you divert your behaviour it will feel contrived and extremely challenging, but the more you practice replacing the self-sabotaging urge with a healthy practice, the easier it becomes.

Believe me.

So yeah, if you're guilty of snooping, possibly take a step back and think about what you are doing, and why are you doing it? What do you get out of it in the end? Gossip? Cannon fodder? Happiness? Hardly!