5 Things I've Added To My May To-Do List.

I am queen of the to-do list, but this month I seem to be falling behind on the most menial tasks. I have had so much on my mind I thought an online reminder would be just what I needed.

01 | I want to buy more fresh flowers. Does that sound conceited of me? Only a little bunch from Aldi now and again. I bought some tulips from Sainsbury's about 2 weeks ago and they are still going strong. PRAISE Good Housekeeping for the 2 penny piece trick! Honestly, if you haven't tried it already, do it! They still look as fresh as they day I bought them!

I just love how fresh flowers look in the home, and for some reason they make me feel like I've got my sh*t together, if that makes sense?

02 | I have never EVER been a gym goer. I used to love a good run, but the thought of building up my stamina again seems to be a near impossible task, especially since I am so unwell 80% of the time. I have decided I want to start exercising at home. Only once or twice a week, using YouTube as my PT so to speak.

The motivation is there, it's just finding the time in-between work, Phoebe, blogging and just a tiny bit of downtime to either read, or beat G on Mario Kart...

03 | I am desperate to sort out some kind of travel plans for this year, and the next. Disneyland Paris is definitely booked for September, but I am thinking more far afield. I looked at the cost of Disney World for next year, and although it's expensive (but reasonable for the deal you are getting), I feel like I can't really commit to it until everything has been sorted out on home soil, if ya get me? Everything is still very much up in the air regarding my employment, mortgages, etc. I just don't know where I will be in November 2020!

Anywho! I was considering a short city break to New York and then possibly a cheap week in the sun somewhere? And that's on top of taking Phoebe away somewhere too. Yikes, maybe I am over-stretching myself? Although, I am thinking of all of 2020 too..

04 | I really need to get my bum in gear and get Wingardium LevioSocial up and running. Ever since the Pipdig scandal I have been working extra hard behind the scenes to replace both my Blogger themes and I guess I just ran out of steam for a little while.

05 | To be more present on social media. This may seem like a bit of a strange one, but I have been holding back recently because I have had (and still do!) some extremely unwanted guests scouring my Insta.. actually, everything, why sugarcoat it? They have been looking at everything, and on a daily basis too.

I know, you would think that people would have better things to do whilst they are on holiday? Although, if you choose to holiday in the desert, and the thought of reading a regular book is abhorrent to you, then fair play. But that's the thing though, I knew all about it even before it  exploded into the laughable threat of legal action thanks to Google Analytics. You can read about my thoughts on that here though.

Again, I digress. I guess I just want to be more chatty on Stories, get over the embarrassment of my hybrid southern/Scouse accent, and let you into a bit more of my life, not that it's particularly interesting! I just know that I enjoy getting to know people that way, so why not give it a go myself?

Anyway, that's it for May. What's on your to-do list?