Birthday Goals.

Are birthday goals a thing? I think they are, and if not, they should be! Luckily my birthday is slap bang in the middle of the year, so I guess you could just call this a 'mid year goals' post. Anywho, it is a good time to review the goals I set in January and possibly have a bit of an overhaul.

01. I want to worry less about things that are out of my control. I need to keep reinforcing to myself that no matter what I do I can't change anything, all I can do is change my perspective, rather than the other persons. I mean, I spent 2 years trying to get someone to listen who didn't want to, and where did it get me? Absolutely nowhere is the answer. In fact, it just made me miserable, frustrated, and left me in complete despair. What's the point in ranting and moaning about something? It's not going to change, or stop someone from doing something just because you don't like it. They have no obligation to tell the truth, so why bother asking for it? (Yep, all those WhatsApp messages and coffee cups – I see you babe)

Honestly, remembering this has talked me down from a couple of ledges where I would have liked to have leapt off, especially during the past few months.

My current train of thought is; is your reaction to something going to change anything? If the answer is no, it isn’t worth your effort, time, or energy. Let them crack on. The sooner you realise this, the sooner you will see the attempts to ruin you too.

It sucks, and it's difficult to maintain, but all I can do is try.

02. I am desperate to finally sit down and book our Walt Disney World holiday for next year. I have been looking at prices for over a month, and I just need to sit down and commit. Any help in booking would be much appreciated! Should I just do the whole holiday through Virgin or stick to the official Walt Disney World website?? Either way it’s going to be expensive, but it’s a treat that I most definitely deserve, and I haven’t been since 2015. I am also using it as an excuse to do some recon for when I take Phoebe in 2021.

As a side note I really need to start planning for our Disneyland Paris trip in September… Lots of Disney coming up, and nothing makes me happier than sharing it with my gorgeous boyfriend who is just as enthusiastic as me about these holidays.

03. I love a piercing, or several. Admittedly, I enjoy the more unusual ones, like daith’s and forward helix’s. I used to have quite a few back in the day, but then I always cared what other people thought of me, so I would always remove them if they got criticised. I wanted to get a new piercing, and I was yo-yoing between the forward helix (although probably impossible to see through my thick hair) and a flat. Well, guess what? I went for the cutest flat you ever did see, complete with a Vegas bought 14kt white gold moon with blue Swarovski crystals. I don't do piercings by half!

04. I have been threatening to get a new ‘do’ for ages. I’m thinking a long bob is in order because I honestly don’t have the time, or inclination to try and de-tangle this mane every other hour. I can literally be sat doing nothing and it will find a way to knot itself.

05. Treating myself isn’t something I do very often. Unless you count some new trousers, but they were like a life or death purchase. My poor little derriere has never been so much on show than it was when I was wearing pants that were like, 3 sizes too big for me. So far I have bought myself a new curling tong, Coco on Blu-ray, and I'm thinking about ordering the Eve Funko pop, clearly I have really pushed the boat out.