Bringing That Old Thing Back; Adidas Originals Superstar.

I have never really been one for trainers, sneakers etc. I guess because I work and don’t go to the gym I don’t see the need for them. However, I have been absolutely loving a more dressed down look recently, and with summer nearly upon us, it’s nearly time to retire my boots until next winter.


I wanted something classic, that would go with everything. I didn't want anything really ‘brand-y’, if you know what I mean? I am not one for brand names, and expensive ones at that. However, I decided to spend a little bit more money on these because I really wanted them to last, so quality was an important factor in my choice. I feel like it’s so easy to waste a lot of money on repurchasing cheaper items over and over again when they don’t even last the season. I suppose that's the fast fashion culture for you, and I am planning on having these for a good few years, hopefully!

I also wanted a pair that weren’t canvas too. As much as I love canvas shoes they are so weather dependent, well, my Converse are! Water just seems to seep in no matter if it’s raining, or not. At least these are more durable and water resistant… so far!

I went for the Adidas Originals Superstar in white for all the reasons above. They are really comfortable, and I have owned a pair that was similar in the past and I loved them then too.

I like knowing what I’m getting when it comes to shoes, I am very rarely adventurous as my feet are relatively wide, and because I am tall, I am usually a mahoosive size 7. Admittedly, these did come up rather roomie, so I would recommend downsizing by 1 size at least. I honestly hate having big feet, if there was an operation to make feet smaller, sign me up! Forget about a tummy tuck, size 6 feet would be my dream.

I have worn these with all matter of outfits, including midi skirts, dresses, and then jeans and leggings, and they look amazing with them all. They complete the outfit and can dress down anything that you might consider a bit too fancy for day wear. I love how basic, un-complicated, and simple they are. Me in a nutshell, I guess! I hate any kind of style were it is restrictive and you have to think about it, because your gurl has no time for that!

I think no capsule wardrobe is complete without a pair of these.