Broderie and Me.

I have always been a big fan of broderie. Like, when has it ever gone out of style? I have been wearing broderie pieces for as long as I can remember, and I love how the classic pieces can be worn over and over again.

And by classic I mean the obvious shades of black and white. I guess I took a bit of a risk purchasing this Blush Broderie Blouse. Don't get me wrong, it's available in other colours too, but when that's what 90% of your wardrobe is already comprised of you kind of need that pop.

I figured that although this is possibly classed as 'fast fashion' it's worth it, even for just one season. I mean, it goes so well with pretty much anything, is smart enough for work but also casual enough to wear day to day. I love the fact that it is completely, and utterly girly too. Therefore it is there to be grunged up and made a little bit edgy, which is one of the things I love doing.

You can take the girl out of the tomboy, but you can't take the tomboy out of the girl.

My only bug bear is the fact that it's sleeveless. One of my biggest insecurities are my arms (and flabby mum tum) but obviously that won't affect everyone who purchases this top, it's just a personal preference. I also feel the cold really badly, even in the summer! Guaranteed that the majority of the time this top will be covered up with a big ol' granny jumper.

I actually purchased this black top in the Next online clearance sale! I know, shocking! It's smart but also casual enough to wear to wear with jeans. Admittedly, it does dress denim up quite nicely without having to give too much thought to the outfit itself. It is also a bit more like a jumper than the first top.

Collar types vary so much when it comes to broderie, just as much as the thickness of the material too. High necks are my jam though, they are just perf. I find them so slimming, especially for the more broader types i.e. me. I have never been 'small', and being 5'8 means that I usually have to find more wide fitting versions of everything, even down to my shoes.

I love the fact that broderie is not particularly fitted either. Most of the tops that I have found have been relatively oversized.  I picked both these pieces in a size 8, and as you can see they are pretty floaty.. I even considered clipping them both back for the photos but the fit was one of the things I fell in love with first.

Clearly broderie and me go right back, how about you?

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