Fashionable Hair Accessories for the Unfashionable.

Fashionable Hair Accessories
I feel like I am well behind in this ever increasing trend, in fact, I feel like I'm behind in every trend. I  never have the time, or inclination until it's months later, it's been and gone and it's all in the clearance sales!

This time though... Is exactly the same! Ha!

Fashionable Hair Accessories
I have been meaning to make more of an effort with my hair for ages, and I feel like now is the time to go for the big C. H. O. P. I know, I have been threatening it for months, but now I'm just finding the length and thickness unmanageable! I am sure I will write a blog post about this in the near future.

Honestly, I shed like a Ragdoll cat.

I went out looking for things I didn't really need to think about when it came to completing a look. Headbands are a classic, I wore them when I was younger and I can't tell you how happy I am to have them back in my hair arsenal. I picked up two of these in different colours and patterns from H&M because I just couldn't decide which one I loved more. They are so easy to wear, and offer an instant pop of colour to plain work clothes, or just plain outfits in general.

They just make things a little bit funner, right?

I just have to build up the confidence to wear them though. Although I am getting there with my attitude to clothes, I am not completely there yet.

Fashionable Hair AccessoriesFashionable Hair Accessories
Fortunately with headbands they cover up a multitude of bad hair day sins. Hair slides on the other hand are a completely different ballgame. With the weight of my hair I am constantly pushing it back behind my ears, so I thought these from Accessorize would be the perfect solution. They seem to complete any outfit, and don't look particularly out of place even if your style is more casual. However, you can't really get away without styling your hair using these.

Say goodbye to those extra 10 minutes in bed!

Hence why I am finally looking to sort my mane out once and for all. I am now on the lookout for new, and cheap hair accessories. Any ideas?

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