For the Love of Budget Foundation.

CYO Matte Foundation
I have always spent an absolute fortune on foundation. Well, let's face it finding the perfect foundation is exactly like trying to find the holy grail of jeans.

And do you know what? Isn't it just typical that you find the foundation of your dreams only to discover it is possibly being discontinued in Boots stores? Yup, welcome to my world.

I was first made aware of C.Y.O No Shine Zone Matte Foundation from another blogger on Instagram, and always up for a high coverage, mattifying foundation I thought I would have a nosey in my local Boots in the hope of picking one up. Well, 'luckily' I found one and you can guess that I loved it, right?

I thought I would write this post now just to make you all aware that it is currently 70% off in Boots stores with limited stock on the shelves from what I've seen.

I picked up 3... Oops!

I picked shade number 204 as that was the shade closest to me, and I think it matches me better than all my foundations, CC creams etc. Put together. However, the shade range isn't massive, which I suppose is a negative.

Anyway, as for the coverage and consistency, I literally went a full 8 hours without having to touch up, and you know what that means; no shine! I definitely wouldn't claim it had high coverage, medium at best, but that will do for me going into the summer months! FYI I applied this product using a Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, like I do with the majority of my makeup.

It also didn't start to break down around my oily areas, whereas I have tried other, higher end foundations and they have done just that. It also didn't cling to my dry patches, all in all I found it quite moisturising. I have used this under multiple types of primers aimed at targeting combination skin, and all have worked alongside this foundation amazingly well too.

Clearly high cost doesn't essentially mean class product.

I haven't tried anything else from the C.Y.O range, but lemme know in the comments if there is something I should!