Sharing My Shelves This Rainy Spring.

I know when I’m starting to feel more like myself  when I pick up a book. Like, when that inevitable itch to hold a book in my hand and just sniff it just becomes too much. As well as when I have the mental capacity to watch docudramas on TV, including the fancy foreign ones.

Hello me! 

I think after hitting nearly rock bottom recently it made me reach for the things that have always helped me escape when things have been better. I suppose I am far more grateful for these things than I ever was. My concentration is still a bit squiffy, but I can definitely see an improvement from the last couple of months. Even if I am just dipping in and out of my ongoing books a few times a week it just makes me feel happier, and that I am doing my best at this horrible ol’ thing called life.

The Heart's Invisible Furies

by John Boyne
This was a recommendation from an old uni friend and I completely trust her judgement in books. I kind of miss the good ol' days of the Bold Street Waterstone's classics section and the Costa Coffee which was then consumed! This is a bit of a slow burner but not uninteresting enough for me to lose interest. Unfortunately I'm not really familiar with Irish history but luckily the storyline doesn't depend on it too much, and when it does it's explained.


by James S. Murray & Darren Wearmouth
What can I say? I am a massive Impractical Jokers fan. When I purchased tickets for their tour in October I only realised then that Murr had a book out. Well, as soon as the publication date hit for the UK I was on Amazon faster than you can say "Cranjis". I quite like thrillers, so I am hoping the writing doesn't let it down too much! I know, that's quite a sweeping assumption to make, but it's usually the way, isn't it?

The Million Dollar Blog

by Natasha Courtenay - Smith
Who am I kidding? My blog will never make millions, and don't get me wrong, I am happy where I'm at right now. Although, there is always room for a little improvement hence why I purchased this book. I am hoping it will give me that kick to really start improving things around here. I did go on a blog post purge not long ago, but ran out of steam when I had to completely redesign Flourish & Blotting. Only now am I really happy with everything, so I am hoping I can really start to crack on with getting things improved around here.

The Psychopath Test

by Jon Ronson
The title says it all, doesn't it? I am convinced of a few psychopaths in my life right now and I just wanted something that would confirm that. I have been meaning to read a few of Ronson's titles, and I thought what better way to start than with this one. Reading non fiction is a new one for me, obviously because it's all factual and there is nothing to actually relate to, but I am hoping I can get on board with it as there are quite a few non fiction books I want to read.

And that's it so far. Slow and steady is my motto when it comes to reading. What are you reading at the moment?