The Practical Basket Bag.

You know, I never associated basket bags as being practically, completely the opposite in fact. Like, what happens if it rains? And more importantly, where do I squeeze in my kitchen sink?

Then I saw this little cutie on sale and I just had to see for myself. I am actually pretty surprised
at its durability. Thankfully it's sturdy enough to hold more than just my mobile phone.

The zip close is much appreciated too. I absolutely hate having open bags, even though I am that much of a dope I walk around with mine always open (there's your free invite to mug me anytime - I'm an easy target) Honestly, I was quite surprised it came with this option and I'm sure glad it did.

I love the shape and the simplicity of the design. I think too much detail would just be a complete distraction. It also means it can pretty much go with any outfit, on a causal level of course. There's no dressing up this bag as much as you are willing to try. This is purely a day bag. If you wanted a basket bag to translate across to an evening you are probably better with a clutch like design with an integrated handle. I established my hermit status long ago, going out of an evening?

Nah! Not for me.

I like having the option of handles and the crossbody strap though. This duo works perfectly for a toddler mum though. I usually have phoebe's backpack slung over one shoulder so it's good that this fits snug against my side. FYI The shoulder strap is detachable, but, like, why?

I can see this bag lasting me all through spring/summer, and possibly even a bit of autumn, weather permitting of course.

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