What I've Been Reading, Watching and Loving Lately in Spring.

This is the Spring 2019 edition. I figured I hadn't done one of these posts in a while, and I kind of like seeing where I'm at during different parts of the year.


I am currently reading The Heart's Invisible Furies by John Boyne and You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero, because, you know, I’m all about that balance. I'm quite liking both, but neither are particularly peaking my interest. I always find ‘self help’ books really inspire me at the time and give me that instant confidence boost, but the minute I have read them they are then generally lost in the abyss that is my short term memory! I have a few more on my virtual shelf that I want to try before I give up on myself completely though! Ha ha!

I am more looking at these books as a taster into getting my reading mojo back though. I know exactly what books I will be reaching for next.


These past few months have been big TV months for me as I haven’t been particularly well, so going out has been put on hold until my tummy is more ‘reliable’ shall we say. I finished Quicksand on Netflix. It wasn’t comparable to programmes like The Bridge, The Killing or Borgen, probably because the target audience I'm guessing is much younger, but it is worth the watch. I enjoyed the narrative, and even teared up on occasion.

I also caved to social media pressure and watched Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile on NOW. It was incredibly disappointing, and I honestly wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. I understand they have time constraints when it comes to motion pictures, but this just left so many unanswered questions. I didn’t feel like it did any of the victim’s justice, although I suppose it was just taken from a different perspective. One thing I am happy to give it credit for was the fact that there were hardly, if any, gruesome bits. I guess that contributed to the fact that all the way through you never believed he had done it, there was just a hint, but no conclusive on screen evidence. I ended up having to stop and Google bits in between just to fill in the blanks. All in all, it left me a bit deflated and almost like I had wasted my time.

New Amsterdam. Well, what can you say really? I absolutely LOVE this programme. I feel bad that I snubbed it at the beginning, but honestly, what a hospital drama!! Again, I quite like the fact that it doesn’t really focus on the gruesome parts, and more about the relationships between the characters. As you can probably tell, gruesome tends to give me nightmares, and I have enough of those at the minute already thank you! Anyway, I ended up staying up until well past midnight on a school night watching the last 9 episodes of series one because, well, just because! No spoilers here, just watch it.

And finally, we went to the cinema! After the disappointment that was Captain Marvel I have been a little bit reluctant to break the bank with another trip. However, Aladdin seemed worth it. I also wanted to see Dumbo but I just lost interest after a little while, it will definitely be one I pick up on DVD though. Aladdin was AMAZING, everything about it was just breathtaking; the songs, the scenery, the acting etc. I really enjoyed being transported into a completely different world, and I thought Will Smith did an impeccable job playing Genie. The only bit that I felt let it down was Jasmine's song (so sue me!) I didn't like it, probably because I felt like it strayed away from the original score too much, and I'm loyal to my classic Disney.

As a quick side note: I have been talking a lot about mental health recently in lieu of Mental Health Awareness week. Last night I started watching Louis Theroux: Mothers on the Edge on BBC iPlayer, and some of it just rings so true. I haven't finished it yet because my eyes were literally closing as I was watching it, but so far so good in terms of raising awareness!


There are a few things I've been loving recently, including the album Glasshouse by Jessie Ware. Honestly, it just speaks to me on so many levels, and I have always loved her music, but this album is just perfect. I think I might just keep them to what I have written about recently on the blog though, and then do separate posts for say; interior bits. So, recently I have been loving all things broderie, basket bagsamazing high street foundation, and cute but inexpensive hair accessories.

What have you been reading, watching, and loving lately?