Where Is The Love?

And not just love, but respect for EVERYTHING. I'm talking about something as small as your hobbies, to your own daughters mother.

Often just being a human being doesn't gain the respect of others, and behaviour like this spreads such animosity. And as a side note since when did we start so easily listening to the malicious advice of actual strangers?

Dud advice at that.

(I'd call it poison but, hey ho!)

Obviously this leads us to making wrong decisions, decisions that hold the gravity of the earth itself, I know I can be dramatic but on this one occasion, I'm not. Threats are thrown that can compromise the unity of a whole other persons life? Selfishness is definitely the wrong direction we should be going in. It makes me question where is the love? Or at least where was the love?

I guess that’s the reason why I've been feeling so rubbish recently. My mental health has been the worst it's been in a while as a result of this. There is just so much hate flying round at the minute, why is it impossible to take a step back and prioritise? You know, realise whatever tirade you're waging at the minute, are those threats really necessary? Or do they just come from a source of complete and utter insecurity?

I hate living in such a hypocritical society, a society of liars, non believers in mental health etc. Don't get me wrong, I have lied in the past, who hasn't? You know, knock a few years off your age if it makes you feel any better... But people who will say one thing and then deny it in the next breath, seriously? Just own up to your shortcomings.

Since when did we sprout so much scepticism? I understand that compatibility isn't always possible, especially within families, but a bit of understanding is. There will always be two sides to every story, but unfortunately no matter how good a person you are, you're evil in someones story.

Why do we treat some of the most important (saying that, they don't always have to be a significant figure) people in our lives like absolute garbage? This doesn't just apply to people either! The problems with our environment are hella' scary too. I mean, I am keeping it on a more personal level but this kind of attitude is so far reaching, it's frightening.

We only have one world, one life, it just seems like such a waste to me, especially since the clock is ticking for all of us. Why is it ok to assume the actions of another without even giving them the benefit of the doubt? I just don't get it. You can be lucky enough to have multiple chances at something, we all make mistakes, but when you abuse that love, or respect, where does that leave you?


Or just plain unhappy, but then again the bullies of this world appear immune to that feeling. I guess it's just a vicious circle of struggling for power, insecurities, and just general ickiness that we have to deal with on a daily basis. I guess what I am trying to admit is...

I'm struggling.

How can we gravitate to love when there is none to be found? My shoulders feel so weighed down by it all. Can we just all be nice to each other from now on? Good.