Dressing For Warmth This Summer.

I know the title of this blog post is a little bit paradoxical, but hear me out. Can you really call a summer an actual summer in the UK? I don't think so. I am ALWAYS cold, a literal ice queen.

Despite being cold all the time I hate the way it limits my wardrobe choices. Well, I think I have found a way to wear dresses and still remain relatively warm over the next couple of months. What can I say? Miracles do happen.

Whilst browsing for wearable summer dresses I came across this gem from Superdry. It's actually knitted, and relatively heavy, but doesn't feel too much? It's made from a thin, non itchy, ribbed fabric which ticks all of my cold hearted boxes. Come on! It's perfect summer! It's not like you could pair this with tights and flats, is it...?

The stripes and sort of nautical shade also just screams Flybridge.

The length is office/work appropriate, but also keeps you covered for colder days. The short sleeves also means I don't look like a complete eskimo. Honestly I get enough stick from wearing my coat all the time... I'm like that South Park character who always has his hood up and his parker zipped all the way to the top. Dat me.

Like I mentioned in my Broderie blog post, I really appreciate a high neck. I feel like it pulls in my broad shoulders, and it is a lot more flattering than any other neckline for my body type.

I feel like a quick change of footwear could also determine a more dressed up look. In my opinion either Converse (high tops included!) or white trainers would be great for the day, but a pair of chunky Birkenstocks would be perf for a more evening appropriate look!

So what do you think? Knitted dresses for summer? Am I mad, or what? Please someone else tell me they get it too!

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