Fulfilling My 90's Dream With Corkscrew Curls.

Lee Stafford The Original Chopstick Styler Hair Wand
Oh wow! I literally feel like I have gone back in time with the Lee Stafford The Original Chopstick Styler Hair Wand. Literally, it was my 90's dream to have hair like Sandy from Grease.

I completely blame Anoushka for this life decision, but I certainly have no regrets. Admittedly, this styler has been in my Amazon basket for about a year as I never really wanted to take the plunge and purchase it. Madness, right?

Lee Stafford The Original Chopstick Styler Hair Wand
The results are amazing. Just for context, I have really long, thick hair and it took me about 45 minutes to do my whole head, with breaks in between for obvious reasons!

My arms were about to drop off!

For the very purse friendly price of £20 I was really surprised that the curls were so intact and defined. I have been stung in the past when it comes to 'inexpensive' curlers, but these were great! The curls lasted for days, even after sleeping on them, but they were such hard work? My hair was just so big! It was also very warm outside, and I'm like Monica Gellar when it comes to humidity, so imagine big hair on top of big hair! Ha! I struggled to tie it back at one point.

Unfortunately, the whole process is pretty drying, especially when it comes to bleached hair. I would strongly suggest only using this curler on undamaged hair. I recently wrote a blog post on Olaplex No. 3 Hair Perfector and that has really made a drastic improvement to the condition of my hair. Also, heat defence spray is your friend when you are using these sort of stylers on your hair.

I adored the different look it gave me though, and I felt younger having my hair like this! Honestly? I don't think I will be reaching for this that often though purely because I feel like I am more of a classic GHD Classic Curling Tong kinda gal.

Speaking of the GHD Classic Curling Tong, I found it quite hard to adjust to using the chopstick styler, especially since the GHD Classic Curl has a clip at the bottom, but I got there in the end. As a side note; The first time I used this I didn't burn myself! It's actually pretty comfortable to hold and I didn't even have any near burn-y misses!

Go me!