Getting Spendy with Olaplex No.3 Bond Perfector.

My hair has been through it all; bleach baths, dip dyes, pink highlights, and honestly? I don’t really treat my hair as well as I should. In fact, I find my hair an absolute  hinderance, it’s the one thing I spend the least amount of money on, and kind of refuse to. I mean, it’s over £100 just to get a cut and colour! You can see where my reluctance comes from then!

In my eyes I just don’t view it as an important beauty necessity and I’ve promised myself that’s going to change. On a recent jaunt to Manchester city centre I ventured into SpaceNK and saw Olaplex No.3 Bond Perfector which I have had my eye on for ages.

Why is everything hair relate always so pricey?

I did doubt what this could do for my hair, but then I figured anything was better than nothing! Since bleaching and using a lot of heat on my hair, it has been problematic; knotty, dry and unable to style. After using this pre-shampoo treatment, I noticed a real difference even after just one application. It’s significantly more manageable, shinier and just in a better condition. I can’t wait to use this again, it can only go up from here!

There are a couple of negatives though, as with everything! The price being probably the biggest bug bare; it’s not cheap. This small bottle was £26 in store, obviously if you purchase it online look out for discount codes, free delivery etc. Just to make it like tiny bit cheaper.

The other negative is that you don’t get a lot of bang for your buck! When I say ‘small bottle’ I mean SMOL. And if you have damaged, long hair like me it recommends using it twice a week… Sorry, but no! I can't afford to keep Phoebe in Gruffalo toys and my hair looking amazing at the same time!

I also find the fact that it is a pre shampoo treatment a bit of an annoyance. I don't have a lot of time as it is, convenience is key for me and this meant sitting down for at least half an hour with it on my head before I could even wash my hair! I suppose it did force me to take some time to myself, so I starting skim reading Everything I Know About Love by Dolly Alderton and for that I am grateful for. I just hate sitting around with wet hair though...

I don’t say everyone go out and buy this product, it’s amazing, but also being a responsible spender it’s probably only good for a treat once or twice. I can only recommend looking after your hair more than I did then you probably won’t end up in my predicament!