Gingham Is The New Black.

Black & White Gingham Top from Next
I've pretty much shied away from patterns such as this one for so long, I guess I thought I could never really pull them off. I remember my mum told me to never wear horizontal stripes because they will make you look bigger, and I suppose the same goes for gingham.

This year, however, I promised myself I would be a bit more experimental with my style. Although, I am still going for classic pieces, ones which will hold their own and stand against the testament of time (because, ya know, when has gingham never been a thing?) and I think this top does just that.

The pattern is broken up which I like, it just means I feel like I'm not going all out gingham on my first go. Mustard yellow is also one of my favourite colours, and I love how your eye is drawn to the hem, sleeves and neckline.

The fit is comfortable and a little bit floaty, which is perfect for the summer months. It's made of a thin, cottony fabric which I found completely breathable and lovely for those (hopefully) stifling days we are going to have this Summer. For comparison, I bought this in a size 8 for a little bit of extra room, but the size 6 did fit. It's all up to personal preference, I love having options, but maybe size down if you are looking for something a little less tent-esque.

Black & White Gingham Top from Next
There is a button fasten on the back of the neck and I love that little feature. As you know from my broderie blog post; I appreciate a structured neckline! The button just adds a cute little detail for when you have your hair up, and lets your neck and back have a little breathing space if it's particularly hot...

Who are we kidding, eh?

The only issue I found was that it very much limits what other shades you can wear with it. Am I wrong? For this blog post I teamed it with some skinny tailored trousers, but I'm thinking it could also be worn with a skirt, and for a more dressed down approach; black leggings. Black denim would also look lovely, but blue? I'm not so sure.

Another thing to note is that it IS a little bit pricey for what it is. My mum bought me this as a birthday present, but I probably would have waited to see if it went into the sale otherwise.


It is amazing quality; it doesn't feel cheap, or itch against my skin which some cheaper products do. Gingham can look so bad if made cheaply, and it's so obvious when it is too! So, even though it is expensive it might be worth investing in. Let's face it, gingham is a style staple! It also has the extra embroidery details too, and the fit is perfect for covering up a multiple of BBQ sins over the summer.