Keeping It Disney With Pandora.

Disney Pandora
I took a long time deciding what I wanted out of my Pandora bracelet. I am certainly not one for a full bracelet, or two of teddy bears, baby dummies, angels and the like. Ew no!

My very first Disney charm, and the one that kicked it all off ,was the very basic Mickey Swirl design which I got in Walt Disney World. This was before I even had a proper bracelet!

I then received the Minnie Mouse Ears as a birthday present, and that is when the obsession really started. I always pictured my bracelet to be about travel, but when I started to collect Disney charms I knew what made me happier.

I actually then bought the rest myself, all of which where in the sale! You know me, I love a good bargain. The only charm I payed full price for was my Disneyland Paris 2018 exclusive and the Mickey Silouhette pave clip. I really wanted this though, more for functionality and to stop my charms from sliding every which way.

Disney Pandora
From left to right I have: Minnie Ears, Mickey Swirl Charm, Minnie Murino Bead, Mickey Mouse separator, Figaro charm (A Knox lookalike - a must have purchase), Blue Disneyland Paris 2018 Charm, Daisy Duck Charm, Mickey Pave Clip.

My favourite has to be the mini murino glass one. I know! I am surprised too! I just think it adds that bit of colour and variety that you don’t get with all the other sterling silver ones.

I have decided I won’t be buying any more until future Disney trips, I don't want to flood my bracelet. There’s that, and of course I want all my charms to be as meaningful as the ones before. To me, there is nothing more meaningful than a visit to my happy place either!