Let Babies Smell Like Babies with Ecover Zero.

Ecover Zero Range
AD | Isn’t it funny how priorities and goals change over such a short amount of time, I feel like it’s my goal in life to protect Phoebe in any way I possibly can, including what I wash her clothes with.

Ecover Zero Range
My little lady has always had quite sensitive skin and often suffers from patches of eczema, so anything that touches her skin I’m kind of precious about, even down to what I use to do her laundry with. A product with no added fragrance that is specially formulated to minimise the risk of allergies may be better suited for those who experience skin sensitivities, or find that traditional washing detergents aggravate their skin, which has been kind of true for both me and Phoebe.

Ecover Zero Range
The Ecover Zero range uses plant-based and biodegradable ingredients, so the polar bear lover in me can absolutely get on board with that. It is vegan friendly, and since I have been considering a fully vegan life in the future, knowing about the products that are available to me is so handy. It also minimises the risk of allergies, and is independently dermatologically tested.

All good stuff.

Admittedly, the lack of scent is slightly off putting, especially for someone who prides themselves on smelling 'clean'. It was a bit jarring, but obviously the clothes were clean, squeaky in fact! Everything came out fully conditioned and perfectly soft too.

Ecover Zero Range
What was lovely was hanging them out to dry. You could really smell the fresh air and Phoebe’s naturally sweet, strawberry scent through her clothes. I think letting babies smell like babies is such a sweet and meaningful premise. There is evidence showing that smell of a newborn baby stimulates pleasure areas in the brain. The smell and association is so positive that parents proactively smell their babies’ heads throughout the day for that feel-good hit, and I couldn't agree more. Well, until they fill their nappy, or vom all over you.

Hey! Just keeping it real.

Ecover Zero Range
Anything I can do to help the environment at the minute gets a massive thumbs up from me. Since its creation in 1979, Ecover has campaigned for a ‘cleaner’ world, and our latest launch makes no exception. Obviously being so environmentally aware comes at a higher cost, but thinking about Phoebe's future and her children's future scares me to the bone sometimes. Anything I can do to help I will. Ecover is also rolling out refilling stations where you bring your empty laundry detergent bottles to the supermarket to use again. Amazing.