The Feeling Strong Playlist.

Obviously International Women's Day has been and gone but I started this playlist a while ago and I thought a blog post to bring its existence to light would be all I needed to get it finished, but also ask for suggestions of songs to add to it.

Recently I have felt the need for music to lift me up when I am feeling particularly vulnerable. I love the fact that some songs can make me feel less alone when it comes to certain situations and emotions.

I think if you are struggling to build yourself up then getting out there, tunes pumping, can really make all the difference. Not only does it help me move differently (with more purpose maybe?) but it also encourages me to get out there, exercise and just feel a million times better about things.

Music gives me the confidence to face certain situations and helps me concentrate through brain wobbles! Anyway, I hope you enjoy what’s on there, and don’t forget to follow it for future updates.

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