Why I Would Never Have Cosmetic Surgery.

Don't get me wrong, under some medical circumstances I don't think there is anything wrong with it. And on the other side of the spectrum I understand (to some degree) why people would choose this road, but this blog post is purely why it's not for me.

I am the biggest ambassador of each to their own when it comes to hobbies, likes, dislikes etc. But altering your body for cosmetic reasons is just something I will never get on board with... Maybe it's just me being 34 going on 90? I suppose with all the current environmental issues, me wanting to live a more natural, sustainable, possibly even Vegan life, is very appealing.

So much in this world is fake already, why add to it? 

I have always thought that the 'enhancements' that people get done are a bit of a mask, the same goes with wearing too much makeup. I have never understood why some women wear so much dark eye makeup on the daily that it makes their eyes look.. indistinct. Honestly, if channelling that girl from The Ring does it for you, then you're braver than me! That film gives me the heebie jeebies...

I understand that lip fillers and the like are all part and parcel of deeper insecurities. Like, deliberately going to sleep with your makeup on too. Come on, we have all been there with a new boyfriend/girlfriend. I get that you want them to desperately like what they see when they wake up next to you, but it's stupid, barbaric to your poor skin, and who are you kidding?!

My lips have always been relatively thin and pale, but I much prefer the au natural to the au my god!!! However, if I'm having a wobble give me a good ol' Bobbi Brown lipstick and I'm good to go. Admittedly, on occasion I have literally been taken aback by the amount of 'lip' on show. You know, when you see someone from behind and your inner monologue is like 'Oh! They look nice' and then they turn to look at you and it's like a literal make you breathless punch to the stomach. That.

Cosmetic thingymajigs are also expensive. I suppose if you have the money then you won't even consider this point, but there are people who don't feel like there is any other option. Sadly when that cry for help runs so deep that it is worth going into debt for. I mean, just going for a lash lift would put me out of pocket for the whole month! No thanks!

If you cant love yourself for who you are then what's the point?

One of my reasons for not liking cosmetic surgery, and probably the most menial one is that I just can't be bothered. I have never worn that much makeup, over processed my hair to the extent that it's snapping off, or gone in for that much needed tummy tuck, and why? I have other things I would rather be doing! I don't understand why anyone would put their body through procedures that aren't entirely medically necessary. I'd rather eat better, and exercise to improve my thoughts on my troublesome areas.

I have loads of body worries, but that's just me, I am who I am, and there is no one like me on this earth. No one is perfect, so why do people feel the need to strive for it? And fail in some cases! I find it sad that there aren't enough kind words in this world to stop people from feeling the need to do things like this. TV/Social Media doesn't help, but if you are sucked in so easily to the likes of Towie then there are possibly bigger problems at hand. It's like the unrealistic expectations created by Love Island every year. That's not real life, and neither is that trout pout.

I feel like I need to be mindful of these kind of things, especially being around a little girl who is so impressionable. It is so important as a person, not even as a mother, to educate children to be comfortable in their own skin, I mean that's were bullying behaviour stems from, right? People taking their own insecurities out on other people? I want so much more for Phoebe than for her to be concerned about how she looks, especially in a world where animals are becoming extinct, people harm other people, and Trump.. Enough said.