5 Reasons Why I Will Never Be A Style Icon.

I love to feel comfortable in clothes, and I always want them to make me feel good. If I was to stick to the fashion rules I would have my midriff out in some over-sized, cropped, skinny, logo'd to hell, onesie. Ok, that's a slight exaggeration but you know where I'm coming from, right?

1. It's just too expensive.

Fast fashion can become pricey. I know it may seem cheap at the time but the cost of staying current still mounts up. The cheaper you go the more you compromise on quality too. I actually buy the majority of my clothes from clearance sales online, it is very rare you will find me ever pay full price for ANYTHING!

I'm an absolute bargain sniffer outer!

That includes designer things too, that way I feel like I am not getting cheated, and they last longer than anything I have purchased from say, Primark.

2. There's not enough space! 

I would need a walk in wardrobe just to keep up! I already take up a whole clothes rail and a 4 drawer Malm. I have enough clothes where I will find something and say 'Oh! I forgot I had that!' My dream would be the perfect capsule wardrobe, but I am really not fashion forward enough for that.

3. I’m lazy/I really don’t have time.

Literally. I work full time, I would never find the time to wear half of it, let a lone photograph it for my blog. Nearly every piece of clothing I own is relatively office appropriate too, it just makes picking clothes out in the morning so much easier, and I always have that smart/casual vibe going on!

I think I am a creature of habit too. Once I have found my perfect pair of jeans I feel no need to look no further, or try new styles. Providing they aren't discontinued, I will always go back to my trusty Topshop Joni Jeans.

4. Classic pieces are my jam. 

I love things that aren't necessarily on the cusp of absolute fashion goals, but don't fall out of fashion if you get me? For example, I have summer dresses that are over 5 years but still hold their own today, coincidence? I think not! Admittedly they are pretty plain, but dressed up with a hair accessory or two and you're golden!

However, I do like to observe trends, and if they keep coming back year after I year I will then tend to invest my money in them. Like basket bags for example.

5. I love Disney and Harry Potter too much. 

Always classed as geeky and not fashionable to some. Whatever. I will wear anything that I feel comfortable in. You can click here for some of the pieces I have been loving lately. Wearing anything Disney just makes me feel happy, and I will grab at any small piece of happiness I can get at the moment!