A Kindle Fire 7 Review.

This wasn't a purchase I had planned to make, in fact this wasn't for me at all. I guess I just adopted it when it wasn't fit for its intended purchase, and you know what? I am glad I did.

I had had my previous Kindle for a good couple of years, and although it worked fine it was definitely due for an upgrade. I decided on the Kindle Fire 7 in blue (not my choice!) instead.

It's a lit screen which maybe isn't great for my blue light intake, but it certainly stops me from having to turn the light on if I can't sleep, or I'm reading in low light.

I have been mainly using it for books, but it's nice to have the option of other things like Disney Life.. What I really mean to say is the news and all that other grown up stuff.

Yeah right!

I love the fact I can connect it directly to my GoodReads account, there are no buttons for turning pages etc. and just the multi functionality aspect of the product. The sound quality is quite good too, especially when it comes to watching films and TV programmes.

It's relatively lightweight, although I think the cover I bought definitely adds to its heftiness, but it's a necessary evil if I'm keeping it in my bag all the time.

I travel with this everywhere I go and the sleek design definitely helps in not taking up too much space in my Mary Poppins bag. I am always on the go and barely ever at home, so this is like a lifeline on long journeys etc. I always thought a tablet had to be as big as a iPad, but this is just so much more practical.

Admittedly, it is a lot slower than an iPad which can be a little bit frustrating, but all this is reflected in the price. It's a lot cheaper, so therefore the processor obviously isn't as good, but for what I am using it for it doesn't really affect me.