A Personal Half Year Review.

And what a half year it’s been. Part of me was wondering whether I should even write this post, but what the heck! I kind of love looking back on these posts just to see how far I’ve come, what’s changed and also I guess what I’ve got lined up.

01. Working full time has been a relatively easy adjustment. Odd, eh? I thought it would be so much harder on my body and mind, granted I do seem to be getting more headaches, but I think that is just from training my brain to perform new skills. I miss having that extra day with Phoebe, but it got to the point where she was asking to go to nursery! I guess you know they're ready then! I also had to consider mine and Phoebe's future, and the job offer was exactly what I needed.

02. I will hopefully be moving soon. I have started looking for somewhere slightly bigger but I'm picky and places are SO expensive, it has to feel right. I will only be renting for the time being since I am in NO rush to buy another house (messy!) and I don't consider Liverpool to be my home, I'm a southern girl after all, and I feel like Cheshire is a very good compromise... After all, you don't know what might happen in a few years time.

03. I have my Gastroenterology appointment in August after waiting for it for about 4 months. I have dropped a stone in weight recently and can go days with little, to no food now, so it's come at the right time! Honestly, I have been accused of all sorts; eating disorders, stress & anxiety etc. But it's not any of those things, well, it's definitely not anorexia rearing its ugly head again! At 34 I couldn't care less how big or small I am.

I really want to eat but the daily pain and nausea is just overpowering. Honestly, it's as bad as I can be eating something and just all of a sudden have the urge to vomit. It has gotten to the point where I always carry a bottle of Pepto Bismol in my bag everywhere I go.

I can't honestly rule out stress with having almost weekly police threats thrown at me, Twitter trolls (read this) and being part of what's turning out to be the most vindictive, unhealthy, and toxic relationship triangle known to man. Civility, or even the smidgiest bit of respect is none existent, which given the circumstances is far from ideal.

04. Anyway, we have booked to go to Alton Towers this July (blog post coming soon!) Well, it made sense since we have done Blackpool. I can't wait to spend some much needed time with G, and it will really get me in the mood for Disneyland Paris in September.

And finally...

05. I have been to the cinema twice recently! I went to see Yesterday as part of a press event and absolutely loved it. You can read all about it here. I also saw Toy Story 4 and I was so disappointed! Maybe I should make more of an allowance for the lack of airtime some of the older toys got, but I still thought the storyline was much weaker than its predecessor.

When it comes to TV I have just finished When They See Us on Netflix which I found quite slow at the beginning and extremely hard to watch. I'm also half way through Stranger Things 3. It's good, but I seem to always go back to the first season as my absolute standout episodes.

And that's it really. How's your summer?