A Summer Style Bargain Haul.

Summer sales are my jam, like seriously! Since my interest in fashion has been peaked I am constantly on the look out for affordable, good quality style pieces to bulk out my once very sad looking post baby wardrobe.

My go to has always been the Next Clearance Sale, honestly, go check it out. It is on all year round and you can pretty much find anything. But saying that I am seeing items everywhere now which  don't cost the earth! Bonus!

This dress I actually found in the 'Kids' section of the Next Clearance Sale... Hear me out! Whilst I was browsing clothes for Phoebe I stumbled upon this dress, and I loved everything about it; the style, cut, print, colours, everything. Now, I'm on the small size (6/8) and it was available in a 16yrs...  My line of thinking from this point was 'why the heck not?' It's a relatively oversized style, and I thought if it's too short/small I will just return it.

As you can tell, it fitted perfectly.

I was really surprised at A. it fitted B. it wasn't too short. I am quite tall myself (5'8) so length is always a worry. I have bought from the 'Kids' section a couple of times now, and my! It doesn't half make a huge difference on your end bill! Just a lil tip from me!

These tailored linen shorts and yellow striped top/thin jumper I both picked up in store from the Next Sale.

Yes, I do go to the shops every now and again!

What can I say? I am more of an online kinda gal. These were basically the dregs of what was left. I think I was quite lucky to find such cute pieces! I love the high waisted shorts with the tie detail. I was desperately in need of a pair of smart shorts for weekend/holiday wear, but these are definitely something I could possibly brave to wear in work too.

The mustard yellow striped top I think will be perfect for every season. It's a classic, which is always my go to. If you want to know why I will never EVER be a style icon, you can read this post right here. Also, as you can see I am wearing my trusty Birkenstocks, love them!

You can read all about my love for this slogan tee right here. I could have so easily bought the whole of ASDA out of their summer range, everything was so beautifully curated and complimentary. It is definitely worth a look if you are wanting to do some inexpensive updates to your summer wardrobe.

The trousers were in fact another in store Next Sale dreg, like, they were literally taking it off the shop floor I was that late to the party. Typical Jo. They are slightly cropped and made from such thick, luxe material. I will be dressing these up for work and down for weekend wear, well, you can't go wrong with black dotty pants, right?

I have also purchased this highly impractical string bag... But I might do a blog post all about that in the coming weeks. Hey! I may have changed my mind by then! If you know me, you know I laugh in the face of impracticality mwhahahah.

As a side note; I would have linked all the above items, but because they are all in the sale I found it near impossible!

Sorry guys!