Glitter Glitter Baby.

Glossier Glitter Gelee
You can never be too old for glitter eyeshadow. Fact. Remember when having seriously sparkly lids  used to be all the rage in the 90’s?  That, and massive personalised headbands which you got from the market and made your ears stick out?

Anyway I digress. Glossier have put a whole new spin on glitter with their Glitter GelĂ©e. A more mature spin. Accessible to all ages I’d say, and I'm all for that.

Bigger chunks certainly makes it more chic, obviously smaller particles are harder to be made subtle, especially if they are a darker shade say, purple. I picked the shade Phantasm after seeing it on another blogger and I literally fell head over heals for it. Well, they don't call them Influencers for nothing!

Glossier Glitter Gelee
It is surprisingly easy to separate and spread out, really comfortable to wear, and there's no fallout thanks to its transparent gel base! I also loved the fact that it was super quick to apply and long wearing too! I know, I honestly can't say enough good things about this product, which is refreshing since I didn't really rate the holy grail of blogger cleansers; Milk Jelly Cleanser.


It definitely adds a bit of fun and sparkle to everyday. Honestly, this is such a good mood booster, I was constantly admiring it in the mirror whenever I took a trip to the toilet in work. Yes, I found it completely work suitable too. I feel this product is relatively easy to pull off when it comes to day wear. Obviously if you wanted something a bit extra for the evening you can apply this anywhere you want for a beautiful jewelled effect.

Glossier Glitter Gelee
I am very tempted to add more to my collection, but the price is a bit of a deterrent especially considering the size. Saying that, a little goes a long way. The glitter particles are so condensed that you only need a little bit to get a pretty decent effect.

Possibilities are endless with this little pot of pure joy (glitter). I mean, so far I have just swiped it over my eyelids for an overall look, but with the right tools and a little imagination there's limitless ways you can wear this standout product.