Summer Footwear Sorted with Birkenstock.

Call me old school but nothing screams summer more than a good, ol' fashioned pair of Birkenstock sandals in classic white.

No Adidas Sliders for me. No sir! I am pretty fussy when it comes to sandals, I did have my eye on a pair of Salt Water Originals, but I owned a pair of Birkenstock's many moons ago and I remember wearing them to absolute death. They lasted so long, I knew I would be getting great value for money with a style that never really goes out of fashion.

It seemed only logical.

They are so comfy, although they do require a small amount of 'wearing in'. It's definitely a bit of an adjustment getting used to the already structured sole that comes as standard with these sandals. The cork base can be kind of manipulated, but obviously that comes with time.

These sandals are definitely a bit more on the expensive side but they are sturdy. I feel you get what you pay for when it comes to shoes, and even more so when it comes to sandals.

You scrimp, you're screwed.

They are also adjustable, which is great for the flatter footed lady... which isn't me... Promise! The buckle also just adds that little extra detail to what could have been a very plain sandal indeed.

I went with the classic white because they go with everything, I love the contrast between the cork and the white leather too. I already own a pair of black sandals, and I wanted something a little bit different. I also chose the simple one strap, although Birkenstock offer a variety of different styles and colours. Admittedly, I am kind of taken with the toe thong footbed style but I have already invested my money in this pair, and I know they will last for a good few years to come.