Summer Lovin' Beauty Favourites.

Face It Cloth in a Box by MakeupboxLDN
AD | I am all for leading a more sustainable life, although I am still not completely sold on paper straws... I'm working on it though.

I am definitely up for not leaving a carbon footprint on this earth larger than a 2 pence piece, ambitious I know but every little helps, including these super Face It Cloth in a box by MakeupboxLDN. Not only do you just add water, they also reduce environmental waste!

They are so simple to use; they even have two small pockets for your hands, perf, right? One cloth covers my entire face and it feels almost spa like. Honestly, the exfoliation this cloth provides is second to none, and you can choose your desired pressure, which obviously helps with cell renewal.

Did I mention it's suitable for all skin types too? Especially the sensitive types.

I guess you could try adding a gentle face wash just for that squeaky clean feeling, but I haven't felt the need to yet. By just adding water one cloth lasts up to 100 cleanses, which is pretty good IMO.

I will definitely be taking mine away with me as they are so easy to transport, and it removes makeup, dirt, and oil. Who doesn't love glowy skin whilst they are on holiday? I don't like to wear a lot of makeup in hot weather anyway, but my skin has really benefited from the removal of oil and dead skin cells fo'sure.

Face It Cloth in a Box by MakeupboxLDN
Maintenance is relatively easy, obviously after use you just hand wash it with soap and water and allow to dry. After a couple of uses your cloth can then be thrown in the washing machine (and dried on a low heat - but limiting my dryer use is another environmental goal I have!) I know the thought of just using wipes and cotton wool at the end of a very long day is ridiculously appealing, but I really wanted to give these a go, and like them too! Well, it's Phoebe's future after all.

I am so pleased I have found something which A. suits my lifestyle (appeals to my, sometimes lazy, skincare habits at the end of the day) and B. Ticks every environmental box when it comes to limiting my use of face wipes.