Summer Lovin' Style Favourites.

I can't tell you how much my love for style pieces has exploded recently. I don't know what it is, but I have really been enjoying trying out new things (like jumpsuits) and seeing what really works for me.  I have also loved seeking out the best bargains, clearance sales are fast becoming my absolute new best friends.

You know my love for the midi skirt knows no bounds. This beauty was an absolute bargain. Initially I thought the material was a bit thin and cheap feeling at first, but I thought I would just go for it and see, I mean, it was hardly going to break the bank. And you know, I have been pleasantly surprised; it's comfortable, lightweight and most importantly, doesn't crease.

Winner winner... Well, you know the rest!

I instantly fell in love with this top, and not just because of the inspiring slogan. It's made from really thick cotton and appears to be amazing quality. Admittedly, I haven't washed it yet and that really is the testament to quality, right? Anyway, I have been loving a slogan/printed tee this time of year, and the orange print just makes it super summery.

Honestly, ASDA are killing it at the minute with their summer pieces at really affordable prices. I always like to know if brands are true to size as well, and these most certainly are. I also have my sneaky eye on this bag too...

These are the blogger hair clips of dreams. You probably already know from my recent blog post that I am trying to be more experimental when it comes to my hair and I had been admiring these particular clips for ages. I think they look so pretty, and dress up any daily outfit without too much effort.

I have also purchased this necklace with the letter 'P' on. I saw it whilst I was scouting the dregs of the Next Sale a few days ago (I told you, no bargain goes unturned) and I loved how simple it was. It's also a very small testament to my gorgeous little one too.

And finally, I haven't been out of my Birkenstocks since I got them, I love them! They are so comfortable and so much more classic looking than your regular flipflop. You can read my full review of them here.

So, that's what style bits I have been loving this summer.

How about you?