The Carry All.

Superdry Elaina Printed Tote Bag
The carry all is certainly my sort of bag. No matter what I do I just can never downsize for every day, the bigger the bag the better I say. I know, I know, I constantly moan that I can't find anything, but at least I know it's in there somewhere!

Superdry Elaina Printed Tote Bag
I guess you can class this post as an updated whats in my handbag post.. but then do you really want to be here all day? I picked up this Superdry Elaina Printed Tote and I'm sure glad I did, it has a lot going for it!

I love the fact that it's waterproof, and wipeable! Suitable for both rainy days and mischievous toddlers. I love the fact this bag only has shoulder straps too. More straps gives me more options and I don't like that. I like having my things close to my body and not swinging by the side of me. I feel this bag is far too big for that option anyway, it would probably tip me over!

It also has a removable sipped cloth insert. This is great because I can put all my valuables in that compartment like; my kindle, diary makeup bag and purse, whilst leaving the less valuable items which I need more often in grabbing distance, like my umbrella.

British summers, eh?

Superdry Elaina Printed Tote Bag
I hate to admit it but my wardrobe is often pretty bland. I work in administration 5 days a week, and I am very much into your 'girl next door' classic pieces. This pop of 'colour', but more definitively, leopard print pattern, is just what I needed to update any of my outfits, and possibly make them a little bit more 'edgy'. I love the copper details too. I know copper is so like 2017 now, but I still have a small space in my heart for it.

These are the only types of bags I use now on a daily basis, mainly because I split myself between so many places, often doing 13 hour days before getting home and I need a truck load of supplies to allow me to do that.

Honestly, if you have never considered Superdry for a handbag you are missing a trick, especially if you like a similar style bag to me. I have now have two and both have been superb when it comes to style, size and durability.

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