Our Disneyland Paris Itinerary.

Disneyland Paris
I have never been more excited for a break. 2019 hasn't half taken it out of me I know a Disneyland Paris holiday isn't exactly relaxing, but I am determined to make some time for that on this trip since this will be our only holiday of the year.

That was your warning for a major influx of Disney related blog posts on the lead up to it, kay? The past few months have seen me go back to full-time employment, leave an extremely toxic relationship where I was told I wasn't liked almost daily, and move twice!

Exhausting, right?

I guess it has helped going on two recent previous trips because before then I hadn't been to Disneyland Paris for 13 years. I guess you could kind of say I know the lay of the land now, although the dining plan still confuses me!

Disneyland Paris
Talking about the dining plan, the standard package came as part of our hotel deal, as did the park tickets. I did consider upgrading us but there is just too much food I want to try around the parks, and  with the unpredictable problems with my tummy I didn't feel like I could justify the price. I had in my head we would maybe do 1, or 2 nights in the hotel restaurant and just play the other night by ear.

You see, I have my heart set on a Mickey shaped pizza. Don't judge me.

There's that, and the fact that Earl of Sandwich is an absolute must on any Disney trip.

A few basics first; we are flying from Liverpool John Lennon Airport and taking the Magical Shuttle from Charles De Gaulle. We are staying in the more budget friendly Hotel Santa Fe for 3 nights and obviously spending 4 days in the parks. I have never stayed in this onsite hotel before, only Newport Bay, Sequoia Lodge and Hotel Cheyenne when I was 16! Since we are staying on site I plan to make the most of any extra magic hours that are available to us too.

I have everything crossed for good weather. The feeling of going with a first timer is just second to none, I feel like my head is going to explode from the amount of things I want to show G. I want to pretty much get ALL the rides done in the first 2 days (optimistic) and then do any re-rides, eat as many Mickey shaped cookies as possible, and soak in the atmosphere for the last. I have every intention of watching Illuminations every night we are there too, I just love it.

Disneyland Paris
Despite having gone there 4 times in the past I still have a bit of a bucket list such as; visit the Cable Car Bake Shop on Main Street USA, have a hot chocolate in the Disneyland Paris Hotel, ride the Phantom Manor (it was closed for renovations on our last visit) meet the main mouse himself, and take a million and one pictures.

I have a few things on my purchase list including a pirate Mickey ( I don't even know why!), a new set of ears, a Pandora charm (I don't know which one yet), maybe even a park exclusive Funko Pop, if they do them! I will be purchasing the rose gold spirit jersey before we go, because ya know, planning. I would also like to pick up some of the hotel pins I am missing from previous visits and maybe the organiser to keep them in.

I am all about that organised life.