Summer Dresses and String Bags.

Well, turns out 2019 is my year for impractical, but bloody cute summer bags! I kind of figured if this one didn't work out it would be perfect to hang a potted plant in... I am all up for that multifuncational product life.

string bag
I actually picked this bag up in the Topshop sale £10 down from £25. In all honesty, I think its full RRP is a little bit steep, but then that's how I feel about paying full price for clothing and bags in general. 

I insist I am not into fast fashion, and I'm not. Promise! I generally like to observe different trends and only really consider them into my wardrobe if they withstand the test of time. I believe the string bag has definitely earned its place. 

This particular style of bag has been one of the must have items for summer for at least 2 years running now, and after a much considered purchase I chose this one. The lighter colour goes with everything, but could also end up in an Aperol Spritz disaster... Saying that, this particular design is available in black, but what's life without taking a few risks?

I'm a chancer.

string bag
I love how structured this bag is, although, I don't love how it doesn't have a method of closing it, just  something as simple as drawstring would have sufficed, not hard is it? The handle is long enough to be able to wear on my shoulder though, so that should keep the pickpockets at bay, I mean, they aren't going to want to come near my sweaty armpits, are they?!

Saying that, I really picture this being more of a holiday staple, not one for the Liverpool city centre high street! What do you think?

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