That Back To School Feelin'.

I don't know what it is but pinafore dresses always remind me of school days gone by, I don't think I even wore a pinafore dress the whole time I was in education though!

That being said, I am kinda loving them right now, and do plan to invest in a couple more especially since autumn is finally on its way, and then winter! What would be cuter than a pinafore dress with a high necked top and thick tights with boots? Not much I tell ya!

I actually bought this in the Next Clearance, surprise surprise! If you haven't already, go read my ramblings on my Summer Style Bargain Haul, and I think I paid about £7 for it.

I have really been getting back into my denim recently, well, it's a wardrobe staple and has been for a very VERY long time. I find pinafore dresses are so versatile, they can be dressed up and down with loafers or converse. I also toyed with the idea of wearing a fancy bralette underneath in the warmer weather since denim can be quite heavy and warm.

I never realised how comfy pinafore dresses could be either. There's no waistband! Get in! The straps are obviously adjustable too which is great because I feel like I have a really short body but quite long legs!

I feel like you don't really need to think too hard about an outfit either. Like, there is only really one interchangeable element to the whole look and that is the top you wear underneath. And since pretty much anything goes with denim, it doesn't take too many early morning brain cells to put together a whole outfit.

I feel like the only real negative, besides the fact that this particular dress doesn't have pockets, is that there is no real shape to pinafore dresses at all, well, none that I have seen. Like I said before I love the fact there is no waistband and they are super comfy to wear, but on the other hand they are also a bit shapeless. I am very aware in the pictures it looks like I have a bit of a tum due to excess material, but maybe that has something to do with how unforgiving denim can be.

No, I'm definitely not pregnant! 

But it might definitely have something to do with the crumpets I scoffed before taking these photos! Anyway, do you like pinafore dresses? Where is great to pick a few more up?

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