A Sweet Minute.

Whoa. Like, where did summer go? Don’t get me wrong I am so glad it’s autumn, but I feel those 4 days of hot weather just wasn’t enough! Anyway, I thought it was about time for a little life update.

As you probably know from my last blog post, we have moved! And what a dear do that was too, put it this way; I had to repurchase some big household things (ahem dining table and chairs ahem) because little did I know they were to be held hostage and never to be seen again. Talk about not letting things go! In the end I reasoned I was better off without those things anyway; I mean, I don’t want to eat my dinner off the same table my ex and his girlfriend eat their Marks & Spencer meal deals off anyway!

You’re welcome.

You can find all my interior Insta posts using the hashtag #houseofmoor, because that’s exactly what it is; a house of so much more.

Before the big move I toyed with the idea of changing my blog. You know, everything; name, style, everything. I think I was going through some pre move existential crisis if I’m honest! I had lost a bit of my blogging mojo and I just wanted to start afresh, pseudonym and all. But then I realised how hard that would be, and for what? Haters gonna hate after all.

And judging by some of my ‘readers' desperate persistence I don’t think I would get far. So, Flourish & Blotting is going nowhere, and after my little time out for moving I’m back, ready and willing to work my hardest.

In health news: investigations are underway for my stomach problems. I have recently had another ultrasound, a barrage of blood tests, and an appointment with a dietician. He has suggested a low FODMAP diet but I think all that was established at the appointment was that I was pretty much following one anyway. Admittedly, there are a few tweaks I can make; swapping my Dairy Milk out for darker equivalents, cutting out avocados (I know!) and checking my vegan alternatives are actually suitable to eat on the app they recommended. It’s hardly life changing stuff, and I don’t believe it will make a lot of difference, but I am willing to give it a go. My weight has stabilised at the minute which has taken the worry away and some of the urgency that there is something desperately wrong with me.

If you are interested, I may do a blog post on this in the next few weeks? You know, what I eat in a day, changes I have made, going vegetarian etc. Saying that we just did a food shop and not only did the cost soar by an extra £30, but we were in ASDA for an hour and a half whilst I checked everything. Put it this way, there isn't a whole lot I can eat on this diet!! Honestly, I have never been so chuffed to be able to put ready salted crisps in my trolley. FML.

Our holiday is fast approaching which I can’t wait for. I know a Disney holiday isn’t really a ‘holiday’ but I am determined to have some decent moments of downtime and just soak up the atmosphere... And the shops of course.

I have been ploughing through books at speed, which is weird because I have found I am struggling to get interested in TV programmes and films. However, I will be giving Mindhunter another shot since everyone is raving about season 2. You can follow my book journey on Goodreads, but it is just so nice to be in the right mindset again to be able to just sit down and enjoy reading again. So far I haven’t reading anything outstanding which is a little bit disappointing but I still hold out hope that my book of 2019 is just around the corner.

I think that’s it really. I have loads of little bits to update you all on, like new makeup bits I have been loving, recently discovered beauty must haves, and bargain clothes hauls I have been acquiring etc. etc. But they will come in time, as will all the autumn/Halloween content! I can’t wait! Fall is so my season and already my choice of Funko Pop purchases reflect that. I have been resisting a trip to Homesense until the house was sorted, but I am ready!

What have you been up to recently?