I Wanna Be Wherever You Are.

Scandi Interiors
Actually, I wanna be in the countryside, and always have. Well, we have finally moved. I say finally like it was a long process, it really wasn't, and for that I am so grateful for!

I am now a fully fledged Cheshire resident and I love it, apart from all the creepy crawlies that come in from the surrounding fields, and the bats that swoop well too low at night!

Country living, eh?

But where we live is absolutely gorgeous, the neighbours seem lovely and it is literally a cat haven. We are currently the adoptive owners of Amber, Bella and numbers other neighbourhood cats which we have generically named things like Fluffy and Charlie (?)

Scandi Interiors
The house we chose was a three bedroom new build town house. I know, I know I said I would never give new builds the time of day again but what can I say? They are just so easy to move into. All the walls are white (kinda!) and everything is practically brand new. This house as well appears to be a bit more well made than the one I previously lived in too. Fingers crossed!

This house is in fact a year old and was really not maintained very well, but I suppose my cleaning and hygiene standards are honestly like no other. I love me some bleach and a Rug Doctor, oh my! If you have never tried the Rug Doctor you really must! They brought all my rugs and the carpets up a treat!

Scandi Interiors
Baring in mind we are only renting because I am in no way in the right headspace to buy again anytime soon.  I know, people think it's lost money yada yada yada but it sometimes just works for the situation. That's not saying I don't have a keen eye on the house prices with Brexit right around the corner. Did someone say a house price drop of 5-10%?

Yes please!

Scandi Interiors
The house move itself was a right ball ache! Please someone tell me to get people in next time. We did it all ourselves and I have never felt so physically exhausted in all my life, but it was more than likely the cheapest way to do everything especially when moving itself is so pricey!

Scandi Interiors
Admittedly I haven't held back from fully furnishing the place. Honestly, when it comes to Ikea I have no restraint! I had a lot of stuff anyway but I needed basics like a coffee tablemakeup table and dining room table and chairs (since mine was held hostage!) As you can see I have stuck with my Scandi style with all white, blacks and natural woods but I also love lots of patterns and hints of gold and silver.

I am also loving anything wicker at the minute and I find their Fladis Baskets are perfect for storing toys, fake plants etc.

Scandi Interiors
This house is definitely not without its hints of Disney and Harry Potter everywhere. I also finally have a designated space for my Funko Pops which is something I have always dreamed of. I have actually slowed down on my Pop collection at the minute, holding out for only special ones.

Scandi Interiors
I couldn't be happier at the minute, but you know what would make me even more happy? Just to have an evening where there are no late night Ikea trips or errands to run! I know it takes a couple of weeks to get settled but I ended up only taking one days holiday in the whole of the move and I am EXHAUSTED!

Saying that I still have a couple of things to do, like finish Phoebe's room. She has a plethora of new toys, a new big girls bed etc. But the room lacks suitable prints and some soft furnishings like cushions. The garden also needs some TLC. Don't worry, I have the fairy solar lights all sorted but the more practical side of it like weeding is just not my thing anymore. Honestly, I used to be the only one in my relationship who did all the DIY, gardening and decorating and it is so nice to be able to relinquish some of that to my guy.