My Disneyland Paris Look Book; Rockin' The Dots.

Disneyland Paris Rockin The Dots Minnie Style
Who doesn't love a good Disney inspired look book? I always love incorporating a bit of Disney magic in my everyday, but to go full on Disney every day was like a dream come true!

I was going to do one big post of everything I wore but quickly realised you would be scrolling for days! So to give your fingers a bit of break I thought better of it and have broken it down into smaller, more palatable chunks.

Sound good?

Good! Unfortunately, the weather really wasn't on our side this trip. I think we had 1 good day out of 4. It was pretty windy and rained 80% of the time, hence the messy hair and numerous layers! I am a bit of a cold fish, so every time I wanted a semi decent picture I had to take off about 10 layers (scarf included) just so I didn't look so much like the marshmallow man!

Disneyland Paris Rockin The Dots Minnie Style
However, I will cover all things weather in my trip report, I just felt the need to justify how windswept and cold I look! Luckily Disneyland Paris was on hand with some of the cutest winter inspired merch, including this cute Minnie bow beanie hat. Unfortunately all the prices escape me, but when is Disney cheap? Be reassured I payed over the odds for pretty much everything I bought, but c'est la vie.

Disneyland Paris Rockin The Dots Minnie Style
I actually purchased this Minnie Mouse hoodie last year, I was completely and utterly sucked in by the cute hood and its integrated ears and bow. It is a Parks exclusive but I kept a keen eye out for it this time round and I didn't see it unfortunately. There were a few different alternatives though, including a light grey zip through hooded top. I know I said everything was expensive, but the quality is out of this world, and lasts too.

Swings and roundabouts really.

Disneyland Paris Rockin The Dots Minnie Style
To finish off my Minnie Mouse inspired look I purchased a set of these cute hair bobbles in an attempt to keep the flyaways at bay. It did the trick and looked super cute in the process. It also gave me a bit of a break from the dreaded Minnie ears induced headaches!

If you know, you know.