My Disneyland Paris Look Book; The Spirit Jersey.

Disneyland Paris Spirit Jersey Rose Gold
The Spirit Jersey Disney staple. I'm going to be honest now and say I don't love 'em. Don't get me wrong, they are the epitome of comfy, and colourful. I would even go so far to say that a Spirit Jersey is not something a Disney lover should go without...

Disneyland Paris Spirit Jersey Rose Gold
BUT! I also find them very thin and cheap feeling? Not something that should come from a £60 price tag. I also got mine in an extra small (I'm a size 8) and as you can see from the pictures it was still pretty shapeless. Maybe I am missing the point? Maybe I just don't have the body for them? Who knows!

Disneyland Paris Spirit Jersey Rose Gold
Anyway! I stopped at just one for those reasons, although the children's tie-dye version did catch my eye on numerous occasions throughout this trip. I went for the classic Rose Gold version because I don't own anything of the same colour, and I am all about that wardrobe diversity. The Arendelle blue version was available whilst we were there, but I found it didn't really suit me as much as the warmer pink one did. If I had blonde hair I may have felt otherwise.

All in all it actually goes with pretty much everything; jeans, leggings, shorts, even tucked into the waistband of a skirt. I layered mine with a vest top underneath as you do need that extra layer to keep warm, especially going into Autumn. I also paired mine with Nike sports leggings and Adidas Original Superstars for the perfect travel day outfit.