The Perfect Autumn Boots.

I love buying new boots, and I was certainly in the market for a pair exactly like these ones. Autumn/Winter is just boot weather, ya know? I get how impractical suede might be, but I think by purchasing these I am inviting all the positive crisp, dry mornings into my life.

Wishful thinking, I know, but who knows? The British weather is always a little bit unpredictable and often surprising!

I picked ankle boots because I get so much more wear out of them then say, knee highs. I feel like knee high boots are only good for weekends with jeans/leggings, whereas ankle boots are great with everything; trousers, skirts, tights etc. And a perfect work wear accompaniment.

You might have noticed that none of my shoes have heels. I'm a tall gal at 5'8 and I feel like I don't really need them! I have always been a bit of a tomboy at heart too. Heels don't really come naturally to me and I always choose comfort over callouses!

I actually picked these up in the Next Clearance sale, surprise surprise! They are from Joules and are so comfortable! I love the little zip detail at the back and the fact there are little neon details on them. Well, whoever wants boring tan boots? Not me! They aren't particularly visible to the naked eye, but I know they are there.

The tan shade just screams October in my opinion. They are certainly not as warm as UGG boots but with a carefully hidden trainer sock and tights combination I think my tootsies will remain pretty toasty in these. I am ever the function over fashion style blogger if there ever was one.

Providing I take care keeping these clean, and maintaining them as best I can I can't see why these won't be the perfect Autumn boot. I mean, I doubt I will be wearing them to a pumpkin patch anytime soon, but I think they will see me through to next Spring and beyond.

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