My Disneyland Paris Look Book; Halloween.

Disneyland Paris Halloween
Oh Halloween, how I love you! Not only can I decorate my house with an abundance of pumpkins, but it also means I can embrace all things spooky, albeit not too spooky because I am the biggest wuss going.

The Nightmare Before Christmas, Monster House, Sabrina the Teenage Witch (The TV series only!!) and Hocus Pocus are my absolute limit.

I actually purchased this Sanderson Sisters t-shirt before I left for my trip to Disneyland Paris. I just loved it and I could see myself getting tonnes of wear out of it. Not only did I wear it whilst we were away, but I have also worn it back home too.

Disneyland Paris Halloween
Well, showing my Disney love on a daily basis is important to me! And showing my love for Hocus Pocus?  Paramount. Plus, I would definitely class this t-shirt as subtle Disney, you know, not too out there. Honestly, if you didn't know any better at first glance you would think it just looked like your regular, common or garden logo/slogan tee.

But it's oh so much more than that!

I can pair this t-shirt with anything. PROMISE! Obviously, in the picture I am wearing it with black denim shorts, but with the cooler weather on the way there is no reason black jeans wouldn't suffice! My favourite combination at the minute is a cream/oatmealy chunky knit, skirt, tights (fishnet if you are feeling brave and extra halloween-y) and black boots.

Disneyland Paris Halloween
I bought this beauty in an X-Small (I'm a size 8) and it is still a bit roomy, which I love. It is also really soft, and the print itself is really good quality. I have yet to wash it yet so I can't comment on that just yet, but like with most shopdisney items I never had a problem with them before.