What I Have Been Reading, Watching and Loving This Autumn.

All the Halloween. Well, that was an easy blog post to write!

My new Kindle has meant that my love for reading has returned. If you are interested in what I am reading at the minute you can find me on Goodreads. I have recently purchased The Lido by Libby Page,  and Midnight In Chernobyl by Adam Higginbotham.

And for a change I decided to have a go at Unnatural Causes by Richard Shepherd. I'm not really into non-fiction, let alone medical non-fiction, but there seems to be a lot of chatter about this one recently and I am a sucker for a good recommendation. I feel like I have had enough of hospitals and procedures though so I might leave this one for now.

I finished An American Marriage by Tayari Jones on holiday which I liked, but didn't love. Like I said in my most recent life update post, I am still waiting to find my book of 2019.

An American Horror Story. Well, it is October after all. Now, I have seen this already but G hasn't and I have loved introducing him to it. Honestly, I only really loved Murder House and AsylumCoven was ok but after Hotel I stopped watching them. If you are interested in watching this series they are all available on Netflix.

This is my 2nd go at watching Mind Hunter. After rave reviews of the recent series I thought I had to give it another chance and I'm glad I did. Speaking of Netflix original series; I binge watched Unbelievable in a matter of days, it was that good! It was gripping, fast moving and easy to follow. Kind of mindless but perfect for those nights after work when you just want to veg on the couch.

Also, Toni Collette <3

Oh! How I have missed a good BBC drama and The Capture was just that. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed The Bodyguard, but in no way did it compare to the likes of Line of Duty and The Fall (still my favourite).

And finally The Great British Bakeoff. The only show of this type I watch and love. It really gives me the baking bug, but with my restrictive diet requirements it kinda takes the fun out of it; not being able to taste the fruits of my labour at the end. Not that I ever produce a baking masterpiece, but I have promised myself that I will find a way round it and make a cake that is completely FODMAP friendly.

On my 'to watch' list is seeing The Joker in the cinema. I don't really have an infinity with Batman films, but I have heard such good reviews.

I've had the Sanderson Sisters Funkos on my want list ever since I started collecting them. Hocus Pocus is one of my favourite films ever so it has a special meaning to me. Speaking of Hocus Pocus; this shirt. Need I say more?

It has been a while since I have been drawn to a particular Jo Malone fragrance. I try not to get too invested in the limited edition scents (Nashi Blossom RIP!!!!!) but the Poppy & Barley scent just slayed me. It's such a clean smell with only a hint of floral. You can read all about my September duty free haul here.

Anyone who knows me knows about my sweet tooth. Unfortunately the FODMAP diet doesn't really allow for it. Luckily most supermarkets now have a decent-ish range of gluten free products, but ASDA really came through for me with their own brand Gingerbread Men and Custard Creams. I had such a craving for them and I was so relieved they are permitted!

And lastly a home thing. I have been loving all the fall decorations in shops at the moment and this pumpkin is the epitome of me and autumn. I feel like this year we have been a bit spoilt for choice when it comes to Halloween decorations, with the likes of affordable bits on sale from Aldi etc.